FPL GW36 Chips
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FPL GW36 Chips

Just 3 GWs left in the FPL season. We touch base with our panel to see what are the chips they have got left and hope they plan to utilise it.

FPL GW36 Chips

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FPL Bench Boost

I have my bench boost and FH2 chip left. Plan to bench boost in GW36 (surely along with everyone else?) and will then use the FH in GW37 to bring in players who have a DGW.

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Alternative FPL Chips

I have 2 chips left – the Bench Boost and the Triple Captain.

I will definitely use the Bench Boost this GW36. I saved 2 FTs from GW35 to minimise my hits but may still take a -4 or -8, depending on the injury news.

I will then use my TC on GW37, ideally on a City player.

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I have Bench Boost that I will be using in GW36 and play 15 DGW players, even if have to take a -8.

I also have FH left, which I will play in 37 and going to gamble on 11 DGWers here too

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Just the Bench Boost. I plan to use FTs and hits to build a 15-man GW36 squad so I have a full squad of doubling players. One final swing!

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I have got my bench boost chip left and I’d be using it this week

🇮🇳Ariya Das (@ariyadas)

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I have my Bench Boost chip left and I plan to use it in this Double Gameweek 36. I have 11 doublers and 2 FTs in hand and I will get to 13 doublers without even a hit. I will use a FT to bring in a Double Gameweek 37 player next week.

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FPL Team Preview: Liverpool

The biggest DGW this season would be seeing 12 teams playing twice. I’ve all three of Bench Boost, Triple Captain and Free Hit remaining and I’m going with the Free Hit chip this GW.

Instead of investing heavily on some players, Free Hit gives me the advantage of investing on all teams with great fixtures.

City and Chelsea both have got brilliant set of fixtures, Leicester and Liverpool also look great and other fixtures don’t seem bad either. So a sort of evenly distribution can be possible.

The other option one might look for if they don’t have the FH chip remaining would be Bench Boost. This can only reap good rewards if your team already looks good for the doubles of GW36.

Lastly, Triple Captaining a City player can also be a great move due to their easy pair of fixtures. So make the right decision in this monstrous DGW cause this can be the make or break sort of week for your season.

Wish you all green arrows :’)


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