How to play IPL Fantasy 2022
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How to play IPL Fantasy 2022?

The IPL season is already underway and the cricket fans are loving the actions. The best of the teams are trying their best to win the best league in the cricket world.

However, watching IPL is not the only way is not the only way cricket fans are getting involved in the game, as thousands of viewers have been playing the fantasy cricket. In the first article about cricket on our website, we would be showing you how to play the fantasy cricket. So quickly, let’s get involved in the act –


How to play IPL Fantasy 2022?

Best Platforms to play cricket fantasy :



Fantasy Akhada

MPL (Moblie Premier League)


Paytm First Games

There are many more platforms to play cricket fantasy with the most popular being Dream11 and My11Circle.

None of these apps can be downloaded from the play store but their APK version can be downloaded securely on their respective websites.

Disclaimer – We are not promoting any of the sites. The user needs to thoroughly understand the rules and regulations of the platform before using it.

How to play

The user needs to register on the platform through their mobile number/email id. There are plenty of matches happening, hence the user needs to select the game which he/she wants to join.

After that, the user would be directed to a page on which he/she needs to pick 11 players who should be from both the teams playing. There can’t be more than 7 players from a specific team. After selecting the team, the user needs to join contests.

The contests can be of two types – paid or unpaid. For the paid contest, you need to add a amount of money in your account and if you win, you receive double of what you added. The unpaid contests are known as practice contests which  can be used to develop your skills in fantasy cricket. It is best suitable for beginners.

Picking a team

Alternative FPL Chips

A user begins with 100 credits to his name. He needs to pick 11 players in that amount of 100. A team can have 1-4 wicket-keeper, 3-6 batsmen, 1-4 all-rounders and 3-6 bowlers.

You need to pick the best 11 players from 22 playing players. After selecting the team, you need to select a captain and a vice-captain as well.

The captain will give you 2x points scored by him while the vice-captain would give 1.5x points. You can view the complete list of how to score points on Dream11 here .

Where to find best tips for cricket fantasy

We, at will be providing you the best tips and tricks for cricket fantasy.

The team of experts at would be helping you out to pick the best team. So make sure to follow us on our socials and do keep visiting our website for the best cricket and football content 🙂



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