GW30 FPL premium assets
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GW30 FPL premium assets

We are reaching the business end of the season- with the race for the title and top four intensifying, a lot of top players would have to step up and help their teams achieve their goals.

These top players are also known as premium assets in FPL- these are players whose prices are 11 million and above.

Ronaldo, Salah, Mane, Kane and Kevin De Brunye are currently the top premium assets in the game. These four players have total a of 721 points between themselves.

With Mo Salah currently on 221 points, Mane on 137, Kane on 123, Ronaldo on 117 and Kevin De Brunye on 123 points.

Let’s take a closer look at these players and see which of these premium FPL assets are worth bringing into your FPL team from now till the end of the season.

What GW30 FPL premium assets asset has the best fixtures from now till the end of the season.

One thing to consider when picking any FPL asset is how good or difficult their fixtures are. However, the difficulty of fixtures might not always be considered when picking FPL assets especially if they are premium assets.

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Most of these assets are fixture-proof- they can score against any team.

That being said the fixture difficulty is very important when selecting assets even when selecting premium assests.

We’d now be comparing the fixtures of these premium assets, and then we’d decide which is the best to go for. First let’s take a look at Mane, Salah, Ronaldo, Kane and De Brunye’s fixtures:

Man U
Man C

From their fixture lists we can see that Man City (Kevin De Brunye) and Liverpool (Mane and Salah) have almost identical fixtures.

With the two teams having four of their next seven fixtures having a fixture difficulty rating of two. While Ronaldo and Kane have much more tougher fixtures- Only three out of seven of United and Spurs fixtures having a fixture difficulty rating of two.

City also face Burnley, Watford, Leeds and Newcastle four teams who are in the bottom half of the table while Liverpool face Watford, Everton and Newcastle three teams in the bottom half of the table. United and Spurs also face three teams who are in the bottom half of the table.

So based on fixtures Liverpool and City’s premium assets are the way to go. They have much easier fixtures and based on their form and how tight the title race is, I think Kevin De Brunye and Mo Salah edge this one.

What Premium FPL asset is on form


If you’re talking about form and consistency over the course of the season Mo Salah is the man who has been this season’s top performer.

The Egyptian winger has returned a whopping 221 points this season, he has also been involved in 31 goals this season scoring 20 and assisting 11.

No other premium FPL asset comes close to him this season and that’s why he has been selected by more than half of FPL managers- 60% of FPL managers have selected Mo Salah this season.


Mane t-shirt

The next best premium FPL asset in terms of points collected this season is Mo Salah’s teammate Sadio Mane. Sadio Mane has gone under the radar this season and that’s because of Salah’s incredible season.

In fact the Senegalese forward has scored 12 goals this season- he’s the second joint top scorer in the league this season.

In Mane’s last five games he has scored three goals and assisted one returning a total of 40 points which is only one point behind Salah’s 41 points in that period.

Harry Kane

Harry Kane has a total of 123 FPL points this season. This is because of Harry Kane’s slow start to the season- in his first five games he returned only nine points which is really poor when you compare it to Mo Salah’s 50 points in that period.

However, Kane looks like he has found his goal scoring touch and form- he currently is third in the top scorer’s ranking with eleven goals.

His impressive form has since the striker pick up 40 points in his last five games. By now you know that Spurs have a slightly difficult fixture list when compared to Liverpool and City.

Well, that should not scare you because Harry Kane is fixture proof and that was made evident when the striker returned 13 points against league leaders City.

Kevin De Brunye

UCL Fantasy MD13

Man city’s talisman also had a slow start to the season- De Brunye played a total of 36 minutes  in the first five games of the season.

And has only played 1531 minutes all season which is the lowest amongst the premium assets mentioned in this article.

Despite that the Belgian has got himself a total of 12 goal involvement this season- scoring nine and assisting 3. De Brunye has also been a man for the big occasions this season for City- he has scored four goals against the big six so far this season.

And in his last five games the midfielder has picked up 37 points- scoring three goals and assisting one.

After taking a good look at their form and performances so far this season especially their last five games, it is really hard to pick between these premium assets. They’ve all performed really well and have returned a decent amount of points.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo has the lowest FPL points total amongst the premium assets mentioned in this article with 117 points all season.

Cristiano Ronaldo plays for a Man united side who aren’t consistent- you never know what you’re going to get from them.

And that’s how Ronaldo’s season has been- you never know when he’d turn up. In his last five games Ronaldo has scored four goals and has returned 30 points. And so far this season Ronaldo has gone himself 12 goals and is currently the second joint top scorer in the league this season.



Who are the best FPL premium assets to pick from now till the end of the season

FPL GW12 Stats and Preview

As said earlier, we have to pick just two of these premium FPL assets. And our first pick has to be Mo Salah. He has been the best player in the world this season and has been so consistent all season. In fact the point difference between his first five games and his last five so far this season are almost identical that’s how consistent he has been.

Our second pick would be Harry Kane. This is because of how poorly strikers have performed so far this season- there has not been a standout striker.

And to have Kane on form is a joy for FPL managers- when he is on form he is unplayable. Another reason why we’ve gone for Kane is because of how good budget midfielders have been performing all season- so it feels like an overkill going for Salah and Mane or Salah and a De Brunye.

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