FPL GW28 Captain
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FPL GW28 Captain

Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea blanks this week. Burnley have a double, so will our panel go all out for a Claret?


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FPL GW28 Wildcard

It’s one of those GWs where there are no clear captaincy picks.

Salah is an option, given his form and that Liverpool plays at home.

Chelsea defenders will be popular, given that they play two goal-shy teams back-to-back.

We will take a bit of risk this week and go with James Ward-Prowse. Saints are in good form and plays twice. Ward-Prowse is due a return after blanking his last three games. He is after all, behind every Saints’ set piece.

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With no standout DGW attacker though this week, I want a defender who has both clean sheet and attacking potential.

And there’s none better than Reece James. Back in the team, Azpi not in training, you’d expect 1 clean sheet at a minimum, but he has a massive ceiling, as he’s already shown us this season. Add in the fact that he’s a differential and you’ve got the ultimate upside captaincy pick.

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Coutinho is going to be my captain for this Double Gameweek against a leaky Leeds and Southampton.

Having said that, I would recommend Salah for the safe option in terms of effective ownership and Rudiger as the upside chasing option.

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Mo Salah for captaincy. He has the capability to outscore a double gameweek player. West Ham is his joint favourite team to score against with 9 goals, 3 assists in 9 games. Rested midweek and with momentum building in Liverpool’s season, I’m expecting a ruthless display from the reds.

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Rudiger would be my captain this week. I think with him you’re almost guaranteed 12 points. He is also one who could pop up with some attacking returns. Fixtures against Burnley and Norwich are hard to ignore.

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I am going with Antonio Rudiger. Chelsea have a very attractive DGW against Burnley & Norwich and with the concern of Tuchel Tombola, Rüdiger has played 90 mins in all but 1 PL match this season. 10 Clean sheets so far this season, as well as 2 goals and 3 assists, so possibility of returns at both ends of the pitch.

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I am not going to overthink it, keeping it basic and simple. It is going to be Salah. He has 3G and 1A in the last 2 games contributing to 28 pts.

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Captaincy options are tricky this gameweek and I expect many will captain Salah over a doubling player. I am going to put the armband on Coutinho. I realise this is a risk, given recent form, but call this a ‘gut feel’ pick. I just have a feeling he will haul in one of the two fixtures and, on the rare times when I get a strong sense, I tend to override my cautious side.

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So many options for this GW. Will not be surprised to see many differential picks.

For myself, I think that James has to be the standout option. He has had the best point hauls away from home and with Azpi’s injury, James looks like a good bet to start both games with fav fixtures. It’s going to be another Salah-esque DGW.

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It’s another Double Game-Week 🙂

Chelsea have got the best pair of fixtures this GW and the armband would be given to one of the Chelsea players only by me. The strikers and midfielders of Chelsea are too much of a rotation risk and there isn’t even any premium option to consider from the team except Lukaku, who isn’t in any form.

So the best would be to go for some defenders from the Chelsea side and the best option from my perspective is Reece James and Antonio Rüdiger. James has recovered from injury and it isn’t quite assured that he would be playing 90 minutes in both games.

Hence, the best option to consider is Rüdiger. He has scored a total of 2 goals and has assisted 3 of them. He has also kept 10 clean-sheets and is mostly expected to keep clean-sheets in both games. So, I’m going with Rudiger only this GW.

Wish you all green arrows :’)

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