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UCL Fantasy Limitless 

In this article as part of our Learn series, we look at the Limitless Wildcard (LWC) in UCL Fantasy, something quite unique to this game.

What is the UCL Fantasy Limitless Wildcard?

  • Limitless gives you the chance to change your squad for one matchday only. When you play it, you get unlimited free transfers for that matchday with no budget restrictions. Once the matchday has finished, your squad will return to how it was before you played Limitless.
  • The normal rules for automatic substitutions, manual substitutions and captain changes still apply when playing Limitless, as well as formation constraints and the number of players you can pick from one team.

What is the difference between LWC and the FPL Free Hit?

 FPL Free Hit

You should be already familiar with the FPL Free Hit. The main difference between LWC and the FPL Free Fit is the fact that LWC lets you choose a team of XI with no budget restriction. You literally can choose a team of 15 most expensive players in the game (subject to their positions of course).

In the FPL Free Hit, you are still restriction by your budget / team value.

Can I activate LWC after making transfers for that week?

Yes. If you’ve already made transfers ahead of a matchday and you then play Limitless, the transfers you’ve made previously will be cancelled, along with any points deductions.

How do I use it?

ucl fantasy limitless

From your team page, make a transfer and it will bring you to the transfer page. After that, click on Limitless to activate this chip.

How many times can I use this chip?

Once in a season.

Can I cancel this chip after activating it?


Can I save my FT for later use after using LWC?

This is now clarified by UEFA. The answer is yes, you save your free transfer (FT) after using your LWC. In the Group Stages you get 3 FTs the MD afterwards.

When is the best time to use it?

The UCL Fantasy game is made up of 13 Match days and not every MD is the same. Group stages comprises of 16 games each game week and that number of games decreases through the latter stages of the competition.

Also don’t forget that before the 1st leg of the Round of 16, you get a free wildcard.

What this means is that you should definitely use your Limitless during the Group Stages to maximise its efficacy. LWC gives you the opportunity to pick the most deadly asset from all the top teams and it will be most devastating when effectively used with manual substitutions.

We recommend the use of LWC on MD4 or MD5. This gives you time to keep tabs on all the top performers for each team in UCL Fantasy and pick them on that MW. MW6 is a no go for us since we expect many of the top teams would have already secured qualification to the Last 16 and rotate out their top players. This is particularly poignant this season as the Group Stage calendar is incredibly tight.



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