FPL Budget Forwards
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FPL Budget Forwards round up

It is time for the famously talked about GW7 where everyone in the FPL community has been waiting for because of the easy fixture run coming up for Chelsea and as expected, Chelsea assets Lukaku and Alonso are among the highest transferred in this round.

If you are planning to own Lukaku and trying to keep at least 2 more premium assets in your team, then we are here to ease your mind on who your budget forward pick should be. As usual, we will be having stats to accompany us in this article.

FPL Budget Forwards – Statistics

The top 3

Among all of the budget forwards, only Saint-Maximin, Maupay and Toney have scored more than 25 points in 6 GWs so far with Maupay being the highest goal scoring budget forward with 4 goals.


Maupay has played 90 mins in 5 of those games and has managed to return with an impressive xG of 2.3 while he has only taken 0.73 shots per 90 with only 0.3 of them being on target per 90.

FPL promoted teams Brentford

Everyone’s favourite budget forward at the start of the season has finally started to deliver the goods as the Brentford forward has scored 25 of his 29 points over the last 4 games with 2 goals and 2 assists although Toney has recorded the least shots per 90 at 0.5.

The budget forward scoring the highest points thus far is Saint-Maximin and it is with no doubt why he is at the top as he is the go to man in Newcastle for goal creation with him topping the charts with 33 SCA totaling to 5.5 SCA90.

FPL GW07 Wildcard

Saint-Maximin’s 2.6 xA speaks for itself with his 3 assists so far as he is Newcastle main goal threat, being involved in 5 out of Newcastle’s 7 goals this season.

The Rest Of The Pack

Leading the rest of the pack are Dennis and Pukki with 23 and 21 FPL points respectively. Both of them boast an xG of 1.8 although Dennis’ 1.31 SH90 and 2.81 SCA90 are significantly better than Pukki’s SH90 and SCA90, both at 0.55.

Armstrong’s less than impressive first season at St Mary’s continues to hinder the Saints’ chances to get their first win on the board having drawn 4 and lost 2 so far. His 0.05 SOT90 is the lowest among the budget forwards.

Dennis’ teammate King is the only other Watford forward who has played 5 or more games. While he has a lower xG of 0.7 compared to Dennis, his 3.07 SCA90 is the 2nd highest among the budget forwards.

Another team that is still looking for their first win of the season is Burnley as they came so close last time out having led until the 85th min when Vardy equalised and also had a goal by Wood ruled out by VAR.

FPL GW34 Stats

Wood’s stats this season has been below par but there is still hope for the English forward as his past 4 seasons with Burnley in the EPL have all yielded double figure goals tally.

Edouard and Hwang have only been featured in 3 games each but both already have 2 and 1 goals to their names. Both players have been working hard to get into the starting lineup and were rewarded with starts over the weekend.

Upcoming Fixtures

Hwang has the best fixtures moving forward with his Wolves side not encountering any game with a 4-5 FDR over the next 5 fixtures.

Saint-Maximin, Pukki and Armstrong have the second best fixtures with only one 4-5 FDR game and coincidently, all 3 of them have Chelsea as their 4-5 FDR game with Armstrong being the first to try and score against them this week.

Watford’s duo Dennis and King have the toughest fixtures after GW7 with 3 out of the 4 remaining fixtures being 4-5 FDR.


Best Picks

High flying Brighton and Maupay look to be the best pick at the moment although their next 5 fixtures do not look all that good but with Brighton playing their best football in recent years and with Maupay being on penalty duty, he should be able to continue on his fine goal scoring run.

Saint-Maximin is the most popular pick as he is currently being selected by 15.7% of the teams and with the Newcastle forward being the best attacking threat his team has, he has the chance to be as good a pick as Maupay since Newcastle have the easier fixtures.

Hwang and Armstrong will be the budget forwards to keep an eye on as Hwang has the easiest fixtures and if he can continue to start, he could rack up some points. Armstrong on the other hand could begin to show his goal scoring prowess when Southampton’s fixtures get easier from GW8 onwards.


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