Top UCL Fantasy Players
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Top UCL Fantasy Players (not from the Premier League)

For UCL Fantasy, we are all typically very familiar with players from the Premier League, creating an unconscious bias towards them and hence flooding our teams with them.

In this piece, we look at some top picks who are outside of the Premier League.

Top UCL Fantasy Players – Gianluigi Donnarumma (6.0 | PSG | GK)

Donnarumma was one of the many star-studded names to arrive at Paris-Saint Germain over the summer.

He was the GK of the tournament in Euro 2020 and was the one of the reasons for Italy winning Euro 2020.

He will be the starting GK for one of the arguably the best teams in Champions League and will be getting a lot of ball recoveries and saves points.

However, the fixtures for PSG are in the same Group as Manchester City, so best to also have a good second GK for cover during those matchdays.

Joakim Mæhle (5.0 | ATA | DEF) / Robin Gosens (5.5 | ATA | DEF)

Maehle performed above expectations in the Euro 2020 where he scored 2 goals in 6 matches for Denmark from left-back. With 1.37 Sh/90 and 2.47 Ball Recoveries/90, he might be one of the higher scoring defenders this season. He averages xG+A/90 of 0.22, which is really good. 

Atlanta’s other fullback, Gosens, is also a great pick. He has scored 24 and assisted 16 goals for Atlanta in 117 appearances – great figures for a defender.

He currently has really low ownership of 2% and can be a great differential. His xG+A/90 is 0.33, even higher than Maehle. 

Memphis Depay (€8.5 | BAR | FWD)

Euro Fantasy MD4 Stats

Memphis is a striker to look forward to from Barcelona after the departure of Lionel Messi.

He has scored 2 and assisted 1 goal for Barcelona since joining.

Last season, he scored 22 goals in 40 appearances for Lyon, earning his move to the Nou Camp.

He has got some great numbers in the form of 0.57 for xG/90 and 0.38 for xA/90. He’s took 3.61 Sh/90 and will be playing as the main forward for Barca. With Griezmann leaving, he is the main focal point of the Barcelona attack.

He is already picked by 22% UCL managers at the time of writing. 

Karim Benzema (€10 | RM | FWD)

The French forward scored 6 goals in Champions League last season and also scored 4 goals in as many games for France in Euro 2020.

He is a natural finisher and will be getting many goal scoring opportunities from this strong Real Madrid team.

He has 261 goals in 586 games for Los Blancos and will be starting all the games barring injuries. 

Federico Chiesa (€9.0 | JUV | MID)

Chiesa is a Euro 2020 winner, where he scored 2 goals for Italy.

He also scored 4 and assisted 1 goal in the Champions League last season for Juventus. He performed really well in Serie A last season where he scored 8 and assisted 8 since his arrival.

Chiesa is one of those players whos Expected Goals (xG) stats read better than his returns. His xG/90 is 0.61 and his xA/90 is 0.24. He took 3.38 Sh/90 last season.

The concern is Juventus’ overall form. After a patchy start to Serie A, can they be trusted to perform in the Champions League, where they barely qualified?

Erling Haaland (€11 | BVB | FWD) 

The Norwegian is a legend at the age of 21.

He scored 10 and assisted 2 goals last season in the Champions League and will continue to play for Dortmund after a summer of transfer rumors. He recorded xG/90 of 0.85 and an xA/90 of 0.16, suggesting that he is expected to get a goal involvement in every game he has played in the Champions League last term.

He has already scored 132 goals in 175 appearances as his record for Dortmund is simply stunning – 63 goals in 64 appearances. In just 3 Champions League season, he has already scored 20 times in the tournament. challenging all goal scoring records.






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