FPL GW06 Captain
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FPL GW06 Captain

Chelsea takes on Man City and the North London Derby take centerstage but our captain picks will come from elsewhere in the Premier League!

FPL GW06 Captain Picks

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FPL GW04 Stats

Ronaldo (MNU | 12.7) has hit the ground running since his return to Man Utd and I’ll be giving him the armband against a Villa side that doesn’t tend to travel well.

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FPL GW36 Stats

Three great captaincy choices this weekend with Ronaldo, Salah and Antonio. I think they will all do well.

My pick is Salah (LIV | 12.6). Brentford have good defensive stats but Liverpool have the best xG. Brentford have done well but I think this will be the first game to show the step up to Premier League level. Added to this that the defence has not played against Liverpool before is an advantage to Salah.

And we haven’t had his annual hat-trick yet, this could be the game.

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FPL Team Preview: West Ham

I am going for the differential pick of Antonio (WHU | 7.9) who plays against an out of form and injury ravaged Leeds team. Antonio missed last week through suspension and did not feature in the League Cup in mid week so should be fully refreshed and ready to build on his 4 goals and 4 assists already this season.

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Ronaldo (MNU | 12.7). Since he arrived in GW4 is 1st for shots, shots on target, shots in the box, non-penalty xG and actual goals. He’s also at home to a Villa side who will have to shake up their defence as they won’t be able to field Tuanzebe.

Salah is always in consideration but you expect him to split returns with Mane & Jota while Ronaldo dominates the Man United attack. (C)ristiano this week.

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Michail Antonio (WHU | 7.9) will be back again in Premier League this GW after serving his suspension.

He will be up against a shackled defense of Leeds who have conceded 12 goals so far. Moreover, many of their players are injured for this GW and I’m backing Antonio here to haul against them.

He’s got an exceptional xG/90 of 0.88 and xA/90 of 0.37! Moreover, he’s taking 4.57 Shots per game and is getting in good positions and that’s enough for me to lock him as my captain!

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When there are multiple contenders for captaincy, it always creates a pivotal moment in the season when ranks can soar or be crushed. This is one such juncture.

My decision is made somewhat easier by the fact that I don’t own Ronaldo (although I have considered taking a hit to bring him in for this gameweek). My feeling is Ronaldo will be the highest captained, followed closely by Salah and then Antonio in 3rd.

On that basis, Antonio (WHU | 7.9) feels like the differential option. I have some rank chasing to, so I’m going to go with Antonio and pray this decision gives me the edge. When you look at his form and the state of the Leeds defence giving him the armband doesn’t feel too risky.

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Another tough week for the captaincy with Salah playing away at Brentford and Ronaldo playing at home to villa.

Either choice is a good shout and I am leaning towards Ronaldo (MNU | 12.7) since he has the home game.

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Ronaldo (MNU | 12.7). Against Aston villa. At home. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

I was trying to convince myself to go for the differential Gray captain pick because Everton will be conducting Operation Norwich, but its going to be another risk free week for me again in Ronaldo since Everton are seem to be missing their 2 most promising forwards in Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison.

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Antonio, Ronaldo, and Salah are all such great captaincy choices that presents us with the only kind of three-way that we don’t like being a part of!

Brentford’s great defensive stats will be tested against an in-form Salah, who has returns in all 5 games.

In red-hot form, Ronaldo will test the Villains’ defense. Antonio will return from suspension to against a leaky Leeds team that is riddled with injuries. My head says Ronaldo but my gut feeling says Antonio (WHU | 7.9). I usually trust my gut.

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I’m going against the flow this week and purely looking at match ups, Mane (MID | 11.9) has a great match up against a Brentford side who concede a lot of chances from their right. Tag on the best match up attack v defence, the best ranked team away from Home in Liverpool, 4 returns in 4 for the Senegalese and that swings it… Mane it is.

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