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FPL Pre Season Discussion Points

Our resident columnist FPL Obsessed (Matt) scours the depth of Twittersphere and identifies some common pre-season trends.

Oh have we mentioned already that he has published a book?

FPL Pre Season Discussion Points

I am seeing several patterns emerging on social media regarding pre-season squads and plans and thought I would add my thoughts into the mix:

4.0m defenders

Managers are (quite rightly) becoming excited by the recent emergence of £4m defenders, in particular Liverpool’s Kostas Tsimikas, who looks set to deputise for the injured Andy Robertson.

For me, there is great sense in having a nailed £4m defender in your team who can rot on the 3rd bench spot (but will still give you minutes if disaster strikes), but caution must be exercised.

There is a vast difference between a £4m defender keeping your bench warm and a £4m defender replacing a more expensive, but injured, asset. Take Tsimikas, for example. If you have replaced Robertson (or even TAA as I have seen!) with Tsimikas and redistributed the funds all across your squad, you are setting yourself up for a difficult situation when Robertson returns from injury (and the same can be said for Amartey if Leicester sign a new CB).

All those upgrades will need to be undone to restore your squad to its previous (desired) position. Some managers are justifying the move by playing their WC when Robertson returns, which brings me neatly onto the next trend…

Early WC plans

The wildcards (and in particular, the 1st WC) are the most powerful chips in the game.
FPL Wildcard 2020

They are a chance to reset your squad completely. They can be used early in an emergency (but for me, not later than GW06 – you don’t have the data until then) or as a powerful tool to navigate the hectic Christmas schedule when BGWs/DGWs present themselves.

To plan to use your WC in GW03-04, in my opinion, is a gross misuse of what is a very important chip.

I understand that the draw to use the WC is very strong early on (even when you are doing well!) but to PLAN to use it early is wasteful.

Bench Boost on GW01

FPL Bench Boost

This, to me, is difficult to fathom, but I am seeing it mentioned a lot.

GW01 is a very volatile time in an FPL season. Each August I aim to set out as ‘safe’ a squad as possible, with every position occupied by someone who, I am as sure as I can be, will play.

But every season, there is at least one ‘no longer first choice’ surprise and usually a handful of pre-season injuries.

Playing your Bench Boost in GW01 is basically saying “all 15 of my players are going to start” which, in my experience, is rarely the case.

I can understand people wanting to get their Bench Boost chip ‘out of the way’ and there is a certain logic to this (as the chip has the power to force bad decisions later on) but, if you want to get rid of it early, at least aim for GWs 4-6 when things will have settled down a little.


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