FPL Midfielders Ranked
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7.5m FPL Midfielders Ranked

7.5 for midfielders seem to be a popular topic right now in FPL as the players look like a bargain for the number of points that they are returning.

With the player prices so well placed this year, you could easily fit in 2 of those 7.5 midfielders into your team and still have enough money to field a decent enough team as well as have 2 of the premium players like Salah (12.5) and Bruno (12).

There are only seven 7.5 midfielders of course in Pogba, Greenwood, Jota, Mount, Ziyech, Pepe and Gundogan and within them, 3 of them have had their prices moved due to their heroics or failures in GW1.

FPL Midfielders Ranked

In this write-up, we will be looking at some of the statistics/gameplay style to prove why these players are the talk of the town and why you should have a look them to see if you can move around some money to add a couple of them into your team.

For your easy viewing, the tables below show their 20/21 stats. For comparison purposes, Bruno Fernandes is included in to show you how valuable some of the 7.5 midfielders are.

*xG = expected goals, *xA = expected assists, *KP = Key passes, *1/3 = Completed passes that enter the 1/3 of the pitch closest to goal
*PPA = completed passes into the 18 yard box, *CrsPA = completed crosses into the 18 yard box, *SCA/SCA90 = actions leading to a shot
*GCA/GCA90 = actions leading to a goal


FPL GW27 Stats

Last season, Mason Mount was at one point of time the most sought-after player in the FPL when he was regularly starting under ex Chelsea manager Frank Lampard as he scored 2 goals and provided 3 assists in 17 starts.

After Tuchel arrived at Stamford Bridge, he scored 4 goals and provided 2 assists in 15 starts, while only one of those goals was scored when he came on as a substitute in the 5-2 loss against West Brom.

Arguably, only Mount’s non goals and assists stats can be compared to Fernandes. His impressive 90 KP and 144 1/3 passes are the closest to Fernandes’ 94 KP and 177 1/3 passes than any other 7.5 player.

This was evident in his GW01 masterclass performance against Crystal Palace as he often marauded down the right flank providing 4 1/3 passes and put in a total of 9 crosses. He was also involved in shot taking with 1 shot on target from 3.

He was involved in 2 of the 3 goals scored by Chelsea as he earned the foul leading to Alonso’s freekick goal and provided the cross for Werner to have ago which created a rebound that was turned in by Pulisic.

Chelsea have now added Lukaku to the squad as well and you can well expect him to be deadlier than Werner in the box which will allow Mount’s 5.08 SCA90 to be very useful.

Lastly, do remember that he loves to play in the big games too as he did in the UCL final against Man City with 5 SCA of which 1 of them was the match winning goal by Havertz.


Moving onto the current point leader of the 7.5 pack, Paul Pogba, who seems to have rejuvenated his Manchester United career with an inspiring performance in GW01.

The Frenchman provided 4 assists as he led his team to a rousing 5-1 victory over Leeds earning a massive 16 points in the process.

With the presence of a maturing McTominay and the eccentric Fred in defensive midfield, Pogba was given the freedom to roam the attacking 3rd mostly playing on the left and centre areas.

It was almost like as if Man Utd were playing with a front 4 in a free flow attacking mentality which allowed James (6.0), Greenwood (7.5), Fernandes (12.1) and Pogba to freely move around and interchange their positions dragging defenders out while taking turns to raid the box.

It remains to be seen if their latest addition Sancho (9.5), who came on for Pogba against Leeds, will be fielded on the left or right side as he is equally good in both wings but with the injured Rashford (9.5) out till October and with Pogba’s performance in GW1, it seems that he should be included in Man Utd’s best attacking quartet together with Sancho, Greenwood and Fernandes.

Even when Rashford returns, it should be safe to assume that he will occupy the role up top and replace Greenwood.

Some of his key moments during the match include providing 5 key passes, a massive 1 on 1 chance which he missed and was almost always not needed to drop deep and defend. After GW1, he has been the highest transferred in player.


FPL GW31 Review

Mason Greenwood was probably the most talked about 7.5 midfielder before GW1 begun as he impressed in preseason with a few goals and had the most minutes amongst his Manchester United teammates.

Having been fielded as a striker, he is one of those few out of position players whom FPL managers always like to keep an eye out for although his stats last season were a little unimpressive.

In the 90 mins that he played, he yielded 1 goal from his 2 shots on target. A total of 3 shots in a game where your team scored 5 is a little low for a striker but his play style was interesting to note.

As with Pogba, the attacking quartet seemed to always move freely, and Greenwood was always dragging defenders out of position to free up spaces for his teammates.

With Manchester United’s fixture list looking relatively easy till GW 5, he could be more of a differential pick to Pogba as his ownership only sees 9.1% so far.

However, in the long run, his playing time might be limited when Cavani (8.5) and Rashford make their returns.


FPL GW28 Review

Jota picked up from where he left off in preseason as he opened the scoring for Liverpool’s 3 nil win over Norwich in GW1 while being fielded as the false nine ahead of Firmino (9.0).

He was replaced in the 60th minute and while having had recorded 2 shots on target, there was little else he did to convince managers that he should be the outstanding 7.5 midfielder pick other than being an OOP player.

Last season, he scored 9 goals from 19 games while Firmino scored 9 and assisted 7 from 36 games played and was rotated by Klopp when he was not injured.

This season will be no different for Jota as Klopp will want to keep him fresh and injury free so you can expect him to be rotated quite a few times at least until Salah (12.5) and Mane (12.0) fly out to their national teams for AFCON in January.

At 7.5 and with little game time coming his way, it might be best to wait and see if Jota starts ahead of Firmino in the next 2 games against Burnley (H) and Chelsea (H) before deciding on adding him to your team as there are other 7.5 selections to look ahead to.


UCL Fantasy MD11 Picks

As with Jota, Gundogan faces the same rotation problem usually associated with players under the management of Pep Guardiola. He did score the most goals amongst the 7.5 midfielders though.

Popularly known as Pep roulette, the rotation system presented Gundogan with only 28 games in the EPL last season, most of which came at the expense of an injury to his teammate De Bruyne (12.0).

13 goals and 2 assists from those 28 games was what made him into one of the most sought-after players in the FPL last year.

This year though, if De Bruyne is again often injured as he was in GW1, then we should be able to see more of the same performances from Gundogan that we saw last season.

In the 90 minutes he played in the GW1 loss to Tottenham, the only 2 shots he took were both off target, but his performance was somewhat convincing from an attacking point of view as he was often playing higher up the pitch.

Even if Pep somehow manages to fit in Gundogan into his starting line up together with the likes of Grealish and De Bruyne, then picking Gundogan might not be such a good idea as he will most probably remain deeper while the rest are allowed to attack freely.


Hakim Ziyech was impressive in the 42 minutes he played in the UEFA Super Cup as he scored 1 and provided 9 crosses, mostly from set pieces, after which he succumbed to an injury and was forced out.

If you were anything like me, where I transferred him into my squad after he scored that goal in the 27th minute and transferred him out when he got injured in the 42nd minute, then I feel your pain.

Ziyech would have probably been the most transferred in player after that performance ahead of the easy fixture against Crystal Palace if he was fit as he was frequently on set pieces as well.

Last season, since he made his first start under Frank Lampard against Burnley, he started in all but 1 EPL game but once Tuchel arrived, there were some rotations with Pulisic (8.0) and Havertz (8.4) as he started in only 8 games and came on as a sub 5 times.

His injury record did not help his case as well but when he has played, he has provided 1.47 KPs per 90 compared to Gundogan’s 1.5 KPs per 90 and Mount’s 2.5 KPs per 90 despite playing only 23 games.

Ziyech could be a very important player to watch once he returns from injury in early September.


Moving on to Pepe, the last player on the 7.5 list. This is one player who most managers will tend to avoid unless they are an arsenal fan but then again with the emergence of cheaper options like Smith-Rowe (5.5) and Saka (6.4), there will be little chance of him being picked as it shows with the 2.6% of managers in FPL owning him.

Arsenal’s most expensive signing is into his 3rd season at the club and is still yet to show why he is worth £72m with a total of 15 goals and 7 assists in his last 2 seasons.

He did have a goal scoring streak in the last 3 games of last season though when he scored 5 goals, and many would have expected him to pick up where he left off from against GW1 opponents Brentford.

However, he could not help his side avoid defeat although he provided 5 SCA which were level with ESR’s 5. He also provided 3 KPs compared to ESR’s 2. But, some might argue that Saka was more impressive in his 32 minute cameo as he had 4 SCA and 1 KP.

Arsenal do have a good run of games after GW3 onwards but as said above, there are cheaper options at Arsenal that could offer the same returns to Pepe.

Lastly, with Arsenal’s recent addition of Odegaard as a permanent transfer, it begs the questions as to whether Pepe will keep his place in the squad. Odegaard as the main attacking orchestrator together with ESR and Saka running down the wings seems most likely the way to go for Arteta but we will have to wait and see what the manager decides as his best 11.

The 7.5 list ranked

In conclusion, the rankings below are based on which 7.5 player is best to get the most amount of gametime and returns in goals and assists based on the GW1 and last season’s stats as well as their upcoming fixtures.

  1. Pogba
  2. Greenwood/Jota
  3. Mount/Pepe
  4. Ziyech/Gundogan

If fixtures were not an issue and if you are looking to set and forget a 7.5 player in your team, then Mount will the player you should pick as he would most likely start the most games compared to the rest. If you’re looking for a differential, then Pepe should be your pick but maybe wait until they have easier fixtures.


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