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Trying to decide which goalkeeper pair to start the FPL season off?

Our good mates at Homeground presents three possible GK pair for to start the 2021/22 season.


From the various price points of Goalkeepers, we are going to suggest 3 pairs.

  • Premium pair 6.0 & 4.0 = 10.0
  • Medium pair 5.0 & 4.5 = 9.5
  • Budget pair 4.5 & 4.0 = 8.5

As you can see from the pairs above, there will be some standout options that we will not be discussing, mainly FPL’s current most owned, Emiliano Martinez (AVL).

At the same time, we have compiled the data into charts for your easy viewing. The charts will include last season’s Goalkeeping Stats and FPL Stats. The FPL Stas will also include the number of Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR) on FPL from the first 10 fixtures.

With that said, let’s dive right in.

Premium Pair

In the 6.0 bracket, there are only 3 of them in Alisson (LIV), Mendy (CHE) and Ederson (MCI). The chart below shows stats from last season.

FPL Stats Last Season

Goalkeeping Stats Last Season

Ederson is the standout choice from the data above not only because he earned the most points amongst them, but also because he has the best Save %, least conceded per game and most clean sheets.

While he is also currently the most owned among FPL managers, Alisson boasts a 13 bonus point earning despite conceding the most goals at 32. However, Mendy leads the way with least shots faced with 78.

According to the FDR over at FPL, in the first 10 fixtures, Ederson and Alisson both have 7 fixtures in the 2-3 range, while Mendy has only 6 fixtures in that range. Looking at the harder fixtures in the range of 4-5, Alisson has it easy with 1 out of the 3 fixtures away from home whereas both Ederson and Mendy have 3 of those 4-5 FDR rating fixtures away from home.

So, the best pick to start off the season for a 6.0 goalkeeper will be Alisson as he has the easier fixtures up till GW 6, then a switch to Mendy is the perfect way to go as Chelsea’s fixtures are very favourable from GW 7 to GW 12. Or you could just stick with Ederson as with 10.4% of FPL managers and hope that his stats for last season live up to the standard.

4.0 choices

Moving on to the 4.0 goalkeepers, there aren’t really any stats to compare with as not many of them have had many minutes to play last season except for Ben Foster (WAT).

However, despite starting in goal at the start of the Championship last season, he lost his place to Bachmann, and it looks like it will be the same this season as confirmed by Watford manager Xisco Munoz.

Arguably, none of the 4.0 goalkeepers will see any minutes unless the first choice is injured.

In conclusion, the premium pair to start off the season with will be Alisson and Foster.

FPL GW38 Stats

Medium pair

5.0 choices

Our medium pair suggestion consists of 5.0 and 4.5 goalkeepers which should free up 0.5 over the premium pair for you to go look for that Salah/Bruno/Trent triple.

The 5 best goalkeepers that we have picked for you are De gea (MUN), Schmeichel (LEI), Pickford (EVE), Meslier (LEE) and Leno (ARS).

We have left out Fabianski and Areola from West Ham because it is unclear as to who will be the first choice in the long run although it does look like Fabianksi will retain his place at the start of the season. We have also left out Jose Sa (WOL) as it is his first season and there has been a change in management as well.

Lastly, we have left out Dean Henderson (MUN) as he has not played at all during the Manchester United preseason and Kepa (CHE) is omitted too as we all know that Mendy will almost always be Chelsea’s first choice.

FPL Stats Last Season

Goalkeeping Stats Last Season

From the data above it is clear who the best keeper is from last season with Meslier scoring 154 points including 20 bonus points and 11 clean sheets, ending the season as the third highest scoring goalkeeper. The Leeds number 1 is tied for the most clean sheets with Schemeichel and Leno. Lastly, Meslier has the best save percentage with a whopping 75.1%. It’s amazing how he managed all these stats and points while conceding 52 goals contributing to the 54 that Leeds conceded in total, which is the highest amongst the teams finishing in the top half last season.

Euro Fantasy MD5 Wildcard

Although all the stats point towards Meslier, we are going to go with Pickford as our 5.0 choice. Everton have the easiest of fixtures among any other team with 9 out of the first 10 rating 2-3 on the FDR. Their only difficult fixture in the first 10 comes against Man united on GW7.

If you are doubtful of Pickford since his horrendous showing in the preseason game against Man united, then Meslier should be an easy pick for you.

4.5 choices

There are 7 goalkeepers that we have picked from the 4.5 price range. Those goalkeepers are, McCarthy (SOU), Guaita (CRY), Sanchez (BHA), Darlow (NEW), Krul (NOR), Raya (BRE) and Bachmann (WAT).

Darlow is Newcastle’s first choice since it has been confirmed that Dubravka is out with a long-term injury. The rest of the 4.5 pack are not considered as the first choice goalkeepers for their respective clubs and have thus been omitted from this list.

FPL Stats Last Season

Goalkeeping Stats Last Season

The obvious choice from this list is Sanchez as he tops every category in the table when compared to his PL colleagues from last season. However, it will be interesting to note that he only played 27 games in his breakout season.

If differential is the way to go for you, then Darlow should be your pick as he boasts the second best save% behind Sanchez. It also helps that Newcastle has easier fixtures when compared to the rest, with Manchester United being the only tough away fixture in their first 9 games.

Among the newcomers, Bachmann’s conceded per game ratio stands out but do expect it to drop quite drastically as it does with all promoted teams. Although Krul boasts the best save%, Bachmann is the preferred 4.5 promotion team choice to go with as Watford’s only difficult fixture in their first 7 according to FDR is Tottenham (A).

In conclusion, the best medium pair choices are Pickford and Krul/Sacnhez since you will want to swap goalkeepers in GW7 when Pickford goes up against Manchester United and Krul/Sanchez have the slightly easier fixture against Leeds (A)/Arsenal (H).

Budget pair

FPL BGW29 Free Hit

As compiled by the data and explained above the standout picks for the budget pair will have to be Sanchez and Foster. Sanchez has the best fixtures up until GW9 when Brighton faces Manchester City.

The other 2 difficult fixtures are in GW3 where they face Everton and in GW5 where they face Leicester but since both games are at home, we could expect Sanchez to deliver.



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