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How to Check my FPL History

Very often FPL managers would mention their best Overall Ranking (OR) and the season they achieved it.

IF you are clueless on how to find your OR history, here we have a step-by-step guide on how to find it.

How to Check my FPL History – Login to using your browser

There is no way to see your FPL History from the Premier League App. You have to use the browser.

Go to Pick Team tab

Click your Gameweek History

Do note that, quite obviously, the history for the account will appear. If for some reason you have lost access to a previous account then all the FPL history of that account will not be visible / accessible.

This reiterates the need to stick one account for the long haul.

Check others’ Gameweek History

The browser allows you to check any team’s FPL history.

via Mini-League

Go to the Leagues & Cup tab, then go on to click on any mini-league. Check onto your mate’s (or rival’s) name and the entire FPL history of that team will appear.

via FPL Team id

If you want to check a team’s FPL history but you are not in the same mini-league as that manager, you can still find out the information, as long as you have his/her FPL team id.

Go back to the URL where you see your own FPL History and replace the digits as highlighted with the team id of any team you want to know and refresh.



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