What is The FanMetric
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What is The FanMetric and How to Play it?

We at FF Titans are proud to kick off our collaboration with the good folks at The FanMetric.

Our inaugural piece focuses on the basics of The FanMetric.

What is The FanMetric?

The FanMetric presents a renewed look at Fantasy Football with our 7s format.

As a unit, they have continuously engaged with the local (Singapore) and global community in hope of modernising and perfecting the formula for the game that appeals to the larger Football Community.

They are a platform that gathers Fantasy Football enthusiasts and pundits alike to come together and earn their bragging rights as fans of the beautiful game.

How do I play the game?

Simply head down to the the official TheFanMetric home page and start your team selection. It gets intuitive from there.

To start, you have to select a total of 10 players, consisting of 7 players and 3 substitutes, more on that later.

Like all fantasy games, you derive points based on how well the player had performed in the real life games. The more points the better!

I am more familiar with FPL, what are some differences?

Number of players

The most pertinent difference between TheFanMetric and FPL is the number of players required for selection.

  • In FPL, you will need to select a total of 15 players – 11 on the “field” and 4 substitutes.
  • In TheFanMetric, you would only pick 10 – 7 on field and 3 substitutes


  • In FPL, the pool of players have been generically placed into 4 positions – GK / DEF / MID / FWD.
  • In TheFanMetric, positions are more specific. There is technically 7 positions to choose players from:
    • Goalkeeper (GK)
    • Full-backs (FB)
    • Center-backs (CB)
    • Defensive Midfielders (DM)
    • Attacking Midfielders (AM)
    • Wingers (W)
    • Strikers (ST)


In general, the scoring system looks to reward players for their strengths and this is reflected by how we weight stats like tackles and duels won higher for defenders.

For attacking midfielders, statistics like key passes will attract higher points. This is how we can possibly guide managers to pick players on how well you think they would perform based on the stats they are expected to perform in.

Feedback have suggested that this system rewards positions which are often overlooked by FPL (such as DMs and FBs who don’t usually rack points from assists and goals).

This allows for more managers to get good scoring based on good performances, and not just the FPL regular “star” players.

(Goals and Assists are awarded the same for all players though)


Unlike FPL, you can exceed a certain number of players from the same team and also the budget.

Various penalties can be imposed on you if you don’t select a diverse team or if you spend above your budget.

Diversity Penalty

For every extra player from the same club in your selection, a penalty of -40 points will be incurred.

Bank Balance Penalty

For every unit (1.0) exceeded by you will incur a penalty of -60 points.

What are the Chips in the game?

  • All attacking players (AM, W & ST) receive a +0.25x bonus!
  • Bonus can stack on top of Captain Bonus!
  • DOES NOT apply to subs
  • All defensive players (GK, CB, FB & DM) receive a 0.25x bonus!
  • Bonus can stack on top of Captain Bonus!
  • DOES NOT apply to subs
  • Have unlimited Budget for the given match week.
  • No penalties for exceeding budget.
  • Penalties for team diversity still apply
  • Select as many players from the same team as you want for that MW2.
  • No penalties for exceeding team diversity limits
  • Penalties for budget still applies

What is the appeal of the FanMetric over FPL?

FPL is an established market with millions of global players and a core of serious die-hards. However, FPL is not without its flaws and is run directly by the Premier League. Its rigidity and bureaucracy can be a draw to some but are also pain points for a group of managers who want their voice heard.

FanMetric comes in to take a fresh look at Fantasy Football. It is building up from a small base of users / players who, as a community, have much say in how the game develops from this point on.

We believe FanMetric is akin to the growing handful of community-run football clubs sprouting all over the world, hoping to challenge the bureaucratic mainstream model.

If you love Fantasy Football and have ideas on how to improve the game, join the FanMetric Community and be that force of change.

Where can I find The FanMetric community?

App : fantasy.thefanmetric.com (Best on Mobile)


We at fftitan.com will be providing TFM related content throughout the coming season!




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