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FPL Team Names 2021/22

It is the time of the year which we search the depths of the internet for the best FPL team names!

This year the criteria is simple – if it’s referencing a player or team, the subject must be in the Premier League in the coming 2021/22 season.

(do remember that offensive team names would be actioned on by FPL; any references to the word “COVID” is considered offensive)

Toney Toons

We start our list with a simple one – a tribute to FPL newcomer Ivan Toney!

FPL promoted teams Brentford

Alisson Wonderland

This one is a nod to the classic by Lewis Carroll.

Benteke Fried Chicken

Ronaldo disapproves.

Drinkwater Not Koke

Ronaldo approves! (This one barely makes the list, but yes, Drinkwater IS still a Chelsea player!)

Boom Xhakalaka

Classic team name. Xhaka looks to return to FPL after a good Euro tournament.

Earth, Wind & Maguire

A tribute to the 1970s band, who are still actively making music, FYI.

Citizen Kane

There isn’t even a punny twist to this 1930s cinema classic.

A Song of Ice & Dier

A nod to the ever so popular Game of Thrones.

Smack my Klich up

A nice play on the 1997 Prodigy song, smartly making the song title “family-friendly”.

Old Havertz Kai Hard

Ah, we managed to put the first and last name of the player in here.

Aké Computer

A nod to the 1997 Radiohead classic album.

Finding Timo

Not trying to be funny, but there were times last season Werner did go “missing” …

FPL GW33 Differentials

Wind Beneath My Mings

Trivia: Bette Midler did not sing this “song” originally, but her version was the highest charted and perhaps most memorable.

Lord of the Ings

Danny’s last name makes perfect puns, this year we went for wildly popular fantasy series.

50 Shades of Grealish

… and we end our list with a literary classic by E L James.

Grealish Injury News Leaked by FPL



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