FPL Glossary
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FPL Glossary

The realm of Fantasy Premier League is littered with terms and phrases with special meaning to FPL managers.

We try to capture as many of them as possible here, appreciating that this list would never be exhaustive.

FPL Glossary – Official FPL Terms

These are the official terms used in FPL and the commonly used acronyms associated with it.

Term Full Term Explanation 
BB Bench Boost One of the 3 chips in a season. Allows players on your bench to score points.
BP / BPS Bonus Point / Bonus Point System Over and above the normal points scoring, FPL players Players score BPS points based on an array of statistics.

Players with the highest BPS scores from a game are awarded Bonus Points (BP), ranging from 1-3.

CS Clean sheets Earned when the team does not concede a goal.

Translate to 4 points for GK/DEF and 1 point for MID.

FH Free Hit One of the 3 chips in a season.

Allows managers to make unlimited transfers for that respective Gameweek only. For the next Gameweek, your original squad is back.

FT Free Transfer A transfer you can make for the gameweek at no additional points cost.

Starts with 1 FT a week (from GW02), it can be rolled forward to the the next week but the cap is 2 FTs.

ICT Influence / Creativity / Threat A single index that presents a view on FPL players with respect to the how they have performed previously.
ITB In the Bank Means how much spare cash a manager has after fielding a full team of 15 players.
OR Overall ranking The ranking of a manager with respect to all other FPL managers in the game
TC Triple Captain Allows your captain to score 3x the score for the gameweek, instead of the de facto 2x.
TSB Teams Selected by Expressed in percentage, showing the percentage of teams in FPL owning any particular FPL player.
TV Team Value Total sum of all the values (prices) of all the players in your team of 15. Every FPL manager starts at 100.0 and this will rise or fall depending on individual player values
WC Wildcard Available twice a season.

A wildcard allows you to make unlimited free transfers throughout a Gameweek and the changes you made are permanent.


FPL Glossary – Other FPL Lexicon

The below are not official FPL terms but have appeared commonly colloquially in the FPL Community.

Bench fodder A player that that likely to make any appearance but is in your team (as the last sub) because he is very low in price
BGW Blank game week – refers to a gameweek which there are teams not playing (ie GW18 of the 2020/21 season)
Blank Refers to earning no more than appearance points (2) or maybe 3 for midfielders.
DGW Double game week – refers to a gameweek which there are teams playing more than 1 fixture (ie GW19 of the 2020/21 season)
Differential A player who’s ownership is less (<5%?) and you have a chance to rise up the ranks when he delivers. Mostly someone who’s just picking up form and under the radar.
Enabler  Someone who is cheap and enables you to afford premium players. A 4.5m mid/fwd usually.
Haul hat trick, brace, two goals and assist. Has to be over 10 points to be a haul.
Hits / point hits Refers to taking a “-4” or more to make additional transfers over and above the Free Transfers allowed for that gameweek
Knee Jerk  to abruptly make an transfer, which is more than likely illogical and irrational. Can be combined with alcohol.
Nailed on  A player who is guaranteed to start in the next game week and immune to rotation.
OOP Out-of-position – refers to a player playing in a position he is not designated in FPL.

More specifically, refers to a player in a more advanced role than his FPL designation (eg a list FPL defender playin as an attacking midfielder)

POO The opposite of OOP – a player playing in a more defensive role than his FPL designation
Premium No strict definition, but often relates to players who cost more than 8.0 for midfielders / forwards and more than 5.5 for defenders
Return Any points return bar playing points (2). Assist, goal, clean sheet.
RMT Rate My Team – a common expression to seek others’ opinions on your team
Set and Forget Refers to players whom will be in a FPL manager’s team for a season long, unless he suffers from long-term injuries / suspension.
xG / xA / xGI Expected  Goals / Expected Assists / Expected goals involvement. Statistics to show how many goals / assists / goals involvement is “expected” to have based on his previous performances



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