FPL Guide For Beginners
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FPL Guide For Beginners

The new season of FPL is less than 50 days away.

You may either be playing Euro Fantasy, or anxiously awaiting for the FPL Season to start.

If you are an absolute beginner to the game, we are here to help you out. (This content is probably not for seasoned FPL managers, who should just jump straight to our first look at the season)

FPL Guide For Beginners – WHAT IS FPL?

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is one of the most popular fantasy game across the globe. There were more than 8 million players in the game’s domain last season.

You too can play this game by going to the official FPL website or by downloading Premier League app on your mobile phones (easily searchable).



You have to select 15 players from the available 100 million budget.

Your squad is made up of:

  • 2 Goal-Keepers
  • 5 Defenders
  • 5 Mid-Fielders
  • 3 Strikers

The minimum price for any player is 4.0 million. The maximum price is 12.5 million (for the 2021/22 season).

The prices can change in between of the season. You can select a maximum of 3 players from a team. From the squad of 15 players, only 11 will be eligible for points with the remaining 4 on the bench.


You pick the players whom you think will “perform” in real life games, ie by scoring goals, providing assists (all players) or keeping clean sheets (GK | DEF | MID).

FPL GW28 Stats

To keep it very simple, for example, if fancy Spurs’ Harry Kane to score on a gameweek against, say, Norwich, you should have him in the team. If you have a Brentford defender and they play Man City away, then perhaps it is better to keep him on the bench for the week after.

But after all, like all fantasy sports, you need some luck because these predictions can sometimes be incorrect too.

Detail scoring system is as follows:

Action Points
For playing up to 60 minutes 1
For playing 60 minutes or more (excluding stoppage time) 2
For each goal scored by a goalkeeper or defender 6
For each goal scored by a midfielder 5
For each goal scored by a forward 4
For each goal assist 3
For a clean sheet by a goalkeeper or defender 4
For a clean sheet by a midfielder 1
For every 3 shot saves by a goalkeeper 1
For each penalty save 5
For each penalty miss -2
Bonus points for the best players in a match 1-3
For every 2 goals conceded by a goalkeeper or defender -1
For each yellow card -1
For each red card -3
For each own goal -2


You are allowed to make unlimited changes to your team till the first game kicks off.

After that, for each gameweek, you will be given 1 free transfer with every other transfer costing -4 points to you.


You need to select a player from your starting XI whom you think might score the highest points in that particular gameweek.

The captain’s points will be doubled for that GW. You need to select a captain for all 38 GW. If your captain doesn’t play a single minute, then your vice-captain will be made your captain and his points will get doubled automatically.

If both your captain and vice-captain did not play then no one in your team will score double.


If any of your starting XI player doesn’t play a single minute, then, a substitution will be made from the remaining 4 benched players.

A goalkeeper can only be subbed by a goalkeeper.

The remaining 3 benched players will be subbed depending on your formation. FPL stipulates that you must have the minimum of 3 defenders, 2 midfielders and 1 striker in your team.


Every manager gets 4 “chips” over the course of the season.

Except the wildcard, the rest of the chips are available just once in 38 weeks.

Chip Strategy for FPL DGW19

  • WILDCARD :-This chip allows you to make unlimited changes for a GW. You get this twice in a season. You can use the first one anytime till 28th of December while the second one can be used anytime after that.
  • Triple Captain : This chip triples the point your captain has scored for the particular GW in which you have used this chip.
  • Bench Boost : This chip adds the points that the players who are benched have scored.
  • Free Hit : This chip also allows you to make unlimited changes in your squad for a GW but your original team comes back as soon as the GW is over.


Public leagues are leagues where you are added automatically as soon as you create your account in FPL while mini-leagues are leagues which you join after someone invited you.

You don’t get any prizes in mini-league, but can win prizes in tournament. You can join our mini-league here!


This overview of course provides a very high level coverage of the game. Stay tune for our strategy guides and player picks!


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