Euro Fantasy MD1 Captain
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Euro Fantasy MD1 Captain

We have guest columnist @FPLReaction looking at all captaincy options for MD1.

We all know by now that we can captain any one player everyday of a particular match day allowing us to keep looking for a massive haul of points if we’re not happy with what the first or second or third etc player returned us.

So my first tip is that even if you have a defender playing on a day where none of other players are playing in your team give him the arm band and you never know , he could well come away with more than a clean sheet.

In this article I’ll be giving you who I think are the best captaincy options for each calendar day. I will also be giving you a differential captain option along side my best captaincy option just in case you what to play a little bit more differently.

There are 5 days in match day 1 ( game week) and so 5 captaincy options. Let’s take a look and let’s get that captaincy plan in place.

Euro Fantasy MD1 Captain: Day 1 – 11 Jun

Note: We should receive the lineup an hour before the match day (gameweek) begins giving us the option to bring in players are starting if the players you originally brought in for this game are not starting.


  • Italy v Turkey

Best Captaincy Option – Chiesa (Italy)

Cost: 7 Million

A very attacking player in a strongside , Italy only failed to score once in their last 20 matches. This differ slightly from the stereotype that the Italians are plain, boring are just very good defensively.

Chiesa featured in 6 of 10 Euro qualifying matches for Italy scoring 1 goal and provided 3 assists.

For Juventus this season, Chiesa has truly grown as player maturing and developing his talents at just 23 years old.

As you can see Chiesa has amazing versatility on the pitch which is a manager’s dream. You can also see from the heat map he’s highly used in both wing positions as a playmaker.

He has 33 starts this season for Juventus, creating 9 goals and 9 assists this season for his club.

In MD1, Italy plays Turkey who are in scoring form but are very poor defensively (because of the space they leave at the back). The Turks only have 1 clean sheet in their last 10 and conceding 19 goals.

Chiesa is at a nice price against a defensively weak opponent and his versatility makes him a fantastic option with a big chance of both goals and assists and so for me putting the arm band on Chiesa for the opener is the best idea.

Note: We aren’t too sure on the attack of Italy in terms of rotation. As this is the first game of the match day week we can transfer in or out an Italian attacker in or out of the official starting lineup.

Differential Captaincy Pick

Donnarumma, Florenzi , Bonucci , Spinazzola.

So no specific player because there is no obvious pick in the Italian backline.

The 4 players above all seem pretty nailed , another reason why any of them can be captained.

Defensively the backline of Italy have kept an amazing 9 clean sheets in their last 10 matches. Interestingly they also kept 6 clean sheets in the 10 matches they played in the qualifying round reflecting the fact that it’s still improving and has improved since the qualifying round.

Day 2 – 12 Jun


Wales v Switzerland
Denmark v Finland
Belgium v Russia

Best Captaincy Option – Romelu Lukaku (Belgium)

Cost : 11 Million

Lukaku played 36 matches in Series A this season and scored 24 goals and provided 11 assists. Inter of course won the Serie A title with Lukaku’s contributions.

For Belgium, he has 13 goals and 2 assists in his last 10 matches – another impressive statistic.

Belgium play Russia in MD1, a side which has conceded 17 goals in their last 10. Belgium have scored 29 goals in their last 10 matches and scored 40 goals during qualifying . Interestingly, Belgium and Russia were in this same qualifying group and Belgium scored 7 goals against the Russians over two games.

Lukaku’ high price tag really is deserving based on both his club and county record. Russia are inconsistent and for me are there to be attacked.

Lukaku has to be the obvious captain choice.

Differential Captaincy Pick

Christian Eriksen

Cost : 9 Million

Below chart shows Eriksen’s strengths – long shots, free kicks and also takes penalties. An additional point given for shots scored outside the box and with the bonus of taking penalties he’s already looking good.

For Denmark, Eriksen played 5 out of the 6 qualifiers and scored 3 goals and created 4 assists , combining to 7 goal contributions in 5 matches.

Eriksen plays Finland on MD1, a side who has conceded 11 goals in their last 5 matches.

With all this in mind Eriksen becomes a differential Captain for 12 Jun.

Day 3 – 13 Jun


Austria v North Macedonia
Netherlands v Ukraine
England v Croatia

Best Captaincy OptionMemphis Depay (Netherlands)

Cost: 10 million

Depay has enjoyed a fantastic season for Lyon, playing 37 games this season scoring 20 goals and providing 12 assists.

He also has 6 goals and 2 assists in his last 10 for the Netherlands.

Ukraine have won only once in their last 10 games, conceding 21 goals – this points to Depay with massive opportunities to return.

Depay justifies his big price tag for both club and country similar to Lukaku. His match day fixture against Ukraine is too good to ignore and the Netherlands are proven goal scorers.

Differential Captaincy Pick

Harry Kane

Cost: 11.5 million

Kane makes differential because Croatia are a very good side on paper.

Kane played 35 matches for Spurs this season, claiming the Golden Boot with 23 goals. Combine that with 14 assists, he totalled 37 goal contributions in 35 matches.

Croatia, however have been poor defensively of late and the balance of this game could go either way. They have shipped 22 goals in their last 12 matches played averaging 1.8 goals conceded per match.

Kane has the form and the opponents recent defensive form as an advantage to captaining him and could be a great differential Captain.

Day 4 – 14 Jun


Scotland v Czech Republic
Poland v Slovakia
Spain v Sweden

Best Captaincy Option – Robert Lewandowski (Poland)

Cost: 11.5 Million

Lewandowski, for me, is the standout pick in Euro Fantasy. He played 29 games and scored 41 goals and provided 7 assists as Bayern strolled to the Bundesliga title. Statistically, he is definitely among the best players in the world right now.

In the qualifying round for the Euros he scored 6 goals and provided 2 assists in the 9 games, showing that he is probably “fixture-proof” in terms of returns.

In MD1, Poland play Slovakia who have conceded 11 in their last 10 games.

Differential Captaincy Pick

Ferran Torres (Spain)

Cost: 8 million

FPL International Break (Nov 2020)

During Euro qualification, Spain scored 32 goals in 10 games, showing they can put plenty of goals away when they play, which is fantastic in terms of looking for players for your team.

With a fantastic 5 goals in his last 6 games for Spain, Torres shows both reliability for minutes and his his ability to score plenty of goals as a midfielder. He is one of the best goal threats amongst all midfielders in the game over the last 6 for their national teams.

Spain are playing Sweden in their opening match. The Swedes have conceded 9 goals  in 10 qualifiers against weaker oppositions, casting doubt over their overall defensive abilities.

This is also relevant because during a period of 8 games after the Euro qualifying Sweden hit a run of tough games and lost 6 out of 8 matches, conceding 16 goals.

Spain look to get back to their best in international competitions against a Sweden side that could fold against the stronger opponents. Torres could be perfect for points and so for me makes my differential captaincy pick.

Day 5 – 15 Jun


Hungary v Portugal
France v Germany

Best Captaincy Option – Ronaldo (Portugal)

Cost: 12 million

Euro 2020 Stats

Ronaldo makes the back up list because of his cost. 12 million is a lot of money within the game so if you can afford him in your plans you probably should bring him in. For me he doesn’t fit in (at this point in time) but plans can change.

He played 33 games in Serie A this season, scoring a 29 goals and provided 3 assists – still relatively good statistic for the sensational Ronaldo.

He takes penalties for Portugal, a side littered with some of the best players in the world right now, including the creative Bruno Fernandes.

If all else have failed for captaincy to this date, definitely back Ronaldo.

Differential Pick

Jota (Portugal)

Cost: 8 million

FPL GW28 Review

Portugal scored 21 goals in their last 11 matches.

Jota featured in 5 of the last 6 of Portugal’s matches and has scored 3 goals and provided 1 assist.

There’s some question over rotation but with Joao Felix and Bernardo Silva in the team. However, recent selections have suggested that Jota could be a mainstay in that team if fit. If so, he could be a hugely cheaper option for Portuguese attackers, considering both Bruno and Ronaldo are 10-12 million.

Jota not only offers explosiveness but also comes in at more a more affordable price, making him worthwhile for consideration as the differential captaincy for the final day.

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