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FPL Obsessed: Tips for Success in Fantasy Premier League Out Now!

Matt (aka fpl_obsessed) is our regular contributor, focusing on weekly FPL picks.

He also recently launched his book – FPL Obsessed: Tips for Success in Fantasy Premier League, which you can purchase on Amazon here.

He spoke to us about writing, his achievements for the 2020/21 season and the “Adebayor Incident”.

FPL Obsessed: Tips for Success in Fantasy Premier League Out Now!

When I wrote the book, I didn’t initially intend for it to go anywhere.

I’d just been struck down by an illness, which ended up being a long-term thing. I was getting to grips with not being able to drive or go to work. To be honest, I was trapped in the house and bored out of my mind.

I’ve always been very passionate about writing and so I just started brain dumping everything I knew about FPL onto the page. Initially, it was just something to keep me occupied, but then it grew arms and legs. I got a professional editor and cover designer involved and decided to get it published.

I wondered first if I am qualified to give advice on FPL

This was difficult for me and one of the reasons why I nearly didn’t go ahead with publishing the book.

There are lots of people out there with much better records than I, and that was intimidating when I was thinking of writing a book on the topic. Then I realised, you don’t have to have an immaculate record to have an opinion on FPL.

The guy who was world #1 for most of the campaign, had never finished outside 1.5 million rank in his previous six seasons.

Some of the biggest names in the FPL community (lateriser12, Gianni Buttice, etc.) had poor seasons this year

Despite this, they have amazing football insight and their advice is still just as valid in my eyes (if not more so, because I have no doubt they will be strengthened by the difficult times).

In the end, I decided my 17 years playing, assessing and evaluating the game were qualification enough for me to put a book out there. I’ve had great seasons and I have had terrible seasons, but I have always paid close attention to what I was doing when things were going well (or badly).

These years of trial and error have all gone into the book to save others from learning what I have the hard way.

My own personal benchmark for a successful season is Top 100k or Top 1%

… but I wanted to get under at least 50k this year.

I had a real push for the Top 10k in the final third of the season but, towards the end, I realised that if I kept making the differential picks and they stopped paying off, I could end up with a much worse finish, so I started playing safer in the final gameweeks.

(Matt finished with a 23k OR this season)

I got lucky a lot this season

It seemed that every time I made a bad transfer or captaincy choice, someone else in my team stepped up big time and covered me. Some part of that is the way I managed my squad, but I definitely had some fortunate moments.

I had my share of bad luck too: my Bench Boost totally flopped because of Covid-19 postponements and I had awful timing with Soucek. He was on my bench every time he hauled and in my Starting XI when he blanked. In the end I had to get rid of him to just to put an end to the agony.

Yes, I beat Dan (and comfortably for once!)

I was 171 points ahead of him in the end (not that I was counting or anything!). To be fair to the lad, he had rotten luck this year. Nothing came off for him.

(Matt describes this friendship in his book)

I had to explain to Emmanuel Adebayor why I transferred him out of my FPL team once

It was a chance encounter but it was the first time ever (and only to date) I have ever had to justify a transfer decision to the footballer himself.

And yes, the Togolese forward looked genuinely upset.

FPL is like having children

It is one of the most difficult, but rewarding, things you can do.

You will laugh, you will cry, and you meet loads of people who totally understand what you are going through.

Get FPL Obsessed: Tips for Success in Fantasy Premier League now and share Matt’s FPL journey. We at FF Titans certainly enjoyed the book and we think you would too.



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