Manual Substitution in Euro Fantasy
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Manual Substitution in Euro Fantasy

Firstly, before you read on, there is assumption that you know how to play Fantasy Premier League (FPL) and hence several terms would not be explained in detail. You can refer to our glossary if some terms are unfamiliar.

What is the Manual Substitution in Euro Fantasy?

The manual substitution is by far the most poignant difference between Euro Fantasy and FPL.

In FPL, your team is set after the deadline and all you can do is pretty much hope and watch as the gameweek plays out.

In Euro Fantasy, you have the opportunity to actively manage your selection after each calendar day of the matchday.

After all matches on a single calendar day have finished and before the next matches within that matchday kick off, you can:

  • Sub out a maximum of four players (unless they’ve been sent off), and replace them with any of your substitutes whose teams are yet to play within the matchday. Any players that you sub out will score zero points for that matchday
  • Change your captain to another player from your squad whose team are yet to play. Your original captain’s double-points bonus will be lost, and your new captain’s score for that matchday will be doubled.

As an example, say you have selected Immobile (€10m) for Italy’s MD1 clash with Turkey on 11 Jun.

If the striker fails to feature or returns a middling score of, say, two points, you can then replace him with one of your substitutes who is in action on any other calendar days.

Rules to note on Manual Substitution

  • As mentioned above, you cannot manually substitute out a player who was sent off
  • Manual substitutions are irreversible
  • Once the games on the final day of the matchday have kicked off, you can’t make changes to your team. Any changes you make will only be applied to the next matchday
  • Once you’ve made manual substitutions or changed your captain within a matchday, if any of your starting XI don’t play in real life, they won’t be automatically subbed out.

Auto Substitution

Auto substitution also occur if any of your starting XI fail to feature and there is a playing substitute on your bench – providing that player doesn’t break the formation rules (a minimum of three defenders, two midfielders and one forward).


Euro Fantasy strategy

Even selection of players

Because you can make subs mid-matchday, try picking a squad with a balance of players in action over the various days within the matchday.

That way, if your initial players don’t perform, you can sub them out for players you think will have a better chance of getting you more points.

If possible, for the Group Stages (MD1 – MD3), spread your selection to have players from every calendar day.

Every player of your squad should have a good chance of starting, there is no reason to field a bench fodder like in FPL.

Fielding your players on days they play

This sounds like the obvious bur do remember to always start your players who are playing on that calendar day.

MD1 is spread over 5 calendar days, so there are plenty of opportunities to actively manage your squad.

After the last game of each calendar day, utilise manual substitutions to replace players who have blanked or did not even play.

Choosing your Captain

Captain selections for Euro Fantasy would bring a different dimension.

Your first captain at the deadline should always be a player playing on that particular calendar day, thereafter, switch your captain if he did not return.

The dilemma would be – how many points is considered good enough? There is no right or wrong answer to that, we will discuss this in depth later on.

Picking two starting goalkeepers

In FPL, your second GK can be a space filler, a player of 4.0 value who will not play often.

In Euro Fantasy, the case for having two top quality GK is so much stronger. Like every other position, you can change your GK using manual substitution.

It makes sense to have two goalkeepers from two different Groups, so that they will not play on the same calendar day.

More room for risk taking

This feature certainly allows for more risk taking than in FPL.

You have some assurance picking and fielding a player whose status is doubtful on Tuesday, as you can always take him out if he did not play OR came on as a blank substitute.

In a wider scale of things, this should mean that your squad of 15 players should be more even in value. Remember to choose a squad of 15 who will likely play.


The Difference

Top UCL Fantasy managers are those who had utilised manual substitutions to their best advantage. Likewise, we expect Euro Fantasy to be dominated by managers with a good understanding of how manual substitution works.


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