FPL Cup Last 128
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FPL Cup Last 128

The FPL Cup reaches the Last 128 stage and things are certainly heating up.

Previous Feature

In our previous feature, we spoke to Patrick Beare 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (team id:1616795) and Gil Mathijs 🇧🇪 (team id:170653) on their FPL Cup runs to date, sadly both have since been knocked out.

Patrick fell on GW30 by 77-43 while Gil was eliminated on GW31 by 65-52.

FPL Cup Last 128

This week, we spoke to Ariya Das (team id:197632) from India, who is still in the FPL Cup and is playing his Triple Captain Chip (on Harry Kane) on GW32.

The Manager

Ariya Das worked in New York City for the past 5 years before moving back home recently.

He has been playing FPL since 2012/13. However, it did not get serious for him until the 2014/15 season when he started to join very competitive mini-leagues with his friends. His most involved ML now has 75 players of his friends and acquittances vying for bragging rights.

His best ranking is 35k in the 2018/19 season and has finished in the top 100k for 3 seasons running previously.

His Cup Run

Reaching the Last 128 of the FPL Cup is by far the furthest Ariya has progressed. He previously made it past 4 rounds at best.

There were a few memorable games in his current cup run. He has won five games by a margin of 5 points or less.

On GW30, he was trailing by 10pts with West Ham V Wolves to go.

He had Lingard to play while his opponent had Antonio. It was a mountain to climb for Ariya but much to his surprise, Antonio went off injured early and Lingard finished with a goal and assist (+3BP). He progressed that round by a single point.

Rating his own chances

After his GW30 miracle, Ariya took it as a sign to take the FPL Cup more seriously.

Statistically, at this stage, he has a 1/128 chance of winning the FPL Cup. Another way to see it is that he just need to beat another 7 Cup opponents, having already overcome 15.

His progress in the Cup also coincided with his overall improvement in form. He had 10 green arrows in the last 11 gameweeks, improving his OR from 326k to 39k at time of writing.

More importantly, he has 2 more chips in hand TC (played on GW32) and the Bench Boost.

His Strategies

Overall, his strategy is usually based on the form, transfers in, and fixtures. He follows several FPL accounts and seek counsel from his brother and close friends.

Right now, he more focused on the FPL Cup than on his own mini-leagues, noting that sometimes they can be mutually beneficial.

He studies his FPL Cup opponent’s team in depth – their transfer history, chip usage and finishes in previous seasons. He then make his transfer decisions based on his analysis.

For GW32, he utilised his Triple Captain (TC) Chip (on Kane), knowing in advance that his opponent did not have any chips remaining.

This gave him sufficient room to gamble on his transfers. The TC chip allowed him to set up his team to be competitive for this week and the next week. Therefore, he chose to take a -4 this week in order to ensure that he has a full playing XI during next week’s blanks.



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