New Features on Live FPL Tables
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New Features on Live FPL Tables

If you are still not in the know, is free FPL you will love to check your standings live as matches are being played.

Gone are the days of calculating bonus points and standings manually – this one-stop web app now provides all that you need.

Existing features

We featured the web app late last year as a must-have tool for all FPL managers.

Prior this this latest update, Live FPL Tables provide users with a live view of their Classic mini-league tables, incorporating projected scores with auto-subs and bonus points.

The only team that you require is your FPL team id, which is easy to find if you follow our instructions here.

New Features on Live FPL Tables – Head to head leagues

The first new feature is the ability to via all head to head league standings live.

On the official FPL app, head to head league results and standings are often the last to be updated. This handy new feature allows you to view your standings live, incorporating all match-ups of the week.

Live Overall Ranks

Overall Ranking (OR) is the top concern for most FPL managers so this new feature is amazing, allowing FPL managers to track that real-time, instead of waiting for the app to refresh after all the games are completed on the calendar day.

This feature is powered by the good folks at Foomni Analytics.

Weekly Transfers Overview

This feature is our favourite! You are now able to see all the changes made by your mini-league rivals on the gameweek instantly, without having to compare week on week squads!



Do you like these new features? Any other features you will like to see? We want to hear from you!


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