FPL GW26 Captain
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FPL GW26 Captain

It’s double gameweek time! Let’s see who our panel fancies for the armband this GW!


FPL GW26 Captain

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Harry Kane (11.1) has two favourable fixtures and was rested vs Wolfsberger. His form may not be the best but he faces a Burnley team that was lucky not to concede vs West Brom. Fulham have improved and they look quite organised, but Harry is the king when it comes to London derbies.

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FPL Bandwagon GW01

Bruno Fernandes (11.6). Here’s why: 1. Nailed : Has played in every game this season 2. Form: 4G + 3A (+8 bp) in last 4 games 3. Explosive : most double digit returns this season (10)

Everything you could want from a DGW captain (or Triple Captain)

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FPL GW09 Stats

No Vardy no party. Jamie Vardy (10.1) back and hungry for more goals. His record against Arsenal speaks for itself with 11 goals in 12 games against the Gunners. Leicester have also won their last 3 Premier League games. On the other hand, Arsenal and Burnley have both conceded 8 goals in their last 7 games.

Vardy should be a good shout for a couple of goals.

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Fernandes (11.6) The most consistent player in the league, his two fixtures make for delightful reading.

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This is a close call but I am 80% set on going with Harry Kane (11.1), who is my transfer target this game week. His underlying stats don’t make for great reading but sometimes you have to look past the numbers.

He has recently from injury, played Man City (who are impossible at the moment) and performed well against West Ham, despite blanking, in their last game.

With a full rest in Wednesday night’s Europa league match, I expect Kane will be playing 90 minutes of both games of the double. Spurs fixtures this weekend probably look better than they actually are, but we can’t ignore Kane’s excellent record against the bottom teams. Current thinking is I’ll be going with the Triple Captain on Kane, if not, Bruno Fernandes.

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Harry Kane (11.1). Guaranteed starter for both games and has the best two fixtures in Burnley and Fulham. In there last game Burnley gave 3 big chances against a wasteful 10 man WBA. And with Fulham still 3 points adrift they will need to attack which will suit the counter attacking style of Kane and co.

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Kane is the obvious choice, but I don’t have him in my team. Ederson feels too cautious, Gündogan feels too risky so I’m gonna go with Calvert-Lewin (7.7)


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Flip flopping between Kane and Bruno. Kane has better fixtures but Spurs can be inconsistent. Bruno will have high EO which means anything he does, will harm my rank if I don’t captain him. Currently on Kane (11.1), but the decision is not taken yet.

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This is a gut v stats sort of week. Mr flat track bully (KANE) v Mr consistent (BRUNO). Fixtures are tough to call. Low blocks from seemingly improving defences against Spurs (although Burnley uptick was against weaker teams) and Man U could easily draw 0.0 with Chelsea (As OGS channels his inner Mou) but equally could destroy palace. Both on Pens, and EO maybe not that much of a killer this week (I own both) so I’m prepared to side with Kane (11.1) who passed the eye test last week v WHU and should be supported by what may be a starting Gareth Bale which should add another dimension.

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This week is a very open week with lots of captaincy options , so I feel that you need to go with what feels right for you. I am going for Harry Kane (11.1). Yes Spurs have been out of form , but if spurs do something Kane will be involved. He was rested in Europe mid week and looked really good against West Ham last time out.

But you know I love a differential, so if that is what you are after, I would go for Gylfi Sigurdsson with 2 attractive fixtures against West Brom and a leaky Southampton side and he has been on penalties. With just 1.5% ownership, if he hauls, you could see massive jumps in hour mini leagues

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I am going to pick based on form, it is Fernandes (11.6) who has 4 goals and 3 assists in his last 4 games

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There are quite a lot of options to pick from over this DGW. I have decided to go with Fernandes (11.6). His form (8.6) is only second to Gundogan in FPL and he has scored in each of United’s last 4 league games. He may have a tough fixture against Chelsea but the second against Palace is the one where he has the potentially to return exponentially. 


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