FPL GW23 Captain
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FPL GW23 Captain

Majority pick Mo Salah blanked on GW22, so hopefully the panel can perform better this round.


FPL GW23 Captain

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FPL GW23 Wildcard

Swerving Son (Spurs Kane’less ) and bruno (who will not play against 9 men) and strongly fancy Antonio (WHU| 6.7) who in my opinion is due a haul against a leaky Fulham side who concede a lot of big chances (2nd Worse in last 6 GW) and headers (worst) .

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2 goals and 3 assists in his last 5 games Antonio (WHU| 6.7) looks a strong captaincy shout against a Fulham team that will have to attack, leaving them exposed for the counter.

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FPL GW06 Review

Although Antonio seems tempting, I’m gonna go with Bamford (LEE | 6.6). He has a 0.52 goal involvement per game this season and is the second highest scoring forward in terms of FPL points. Leeds are up against Crystal Palace at home next and Palace have conceded 8 goals in the last 4 games.

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Although I’m not an owner, I’m going to go with Antonio (WHU| 6.7). I find many of the alternatives underwhelming for GW23 and an in-form West Ham playing against a side which concedes lots of big chances, is difficult to resist.

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Antonio (WHU| 6.7) is my captain for GW23. 4th highest non-Pen xG since GW20, unlucky not to score v Palace (hit the woodwork twice) & Villa (shot cleared off the line). The arrival of Lingard has given him extra support up front. He’ll be hungry for goals against a Fulham side who have conceded 4 in 2.

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I would also say Antonio (WHU| 6.7), for the same reason I targeted the Leicester boys in GW22. Fulham will come out and leave plenty of space for Antonio to exploit with the added fire power of Jesse Lingard too now.

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FPL GW09 Wildcard

Bruno Fernandes (MNU | 11.4) – Everton have just 4 CS and conceded 25 goals this season. In form Bruno and on penalty duties is my Captain pick for the 3rd time in a row.

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I’m torn this week between the safe and boring choice of Bruno and the allure of Antonio. As I’ve been a week behind with my captain choices of late, I’ll go with Antonio (WHU| 6.7)

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Bruno Fernandes (MNU | 11.4) at the moment. With Pickford potentially out, he could be the best pick.

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Bruno Fernandes (MNU | 11.4) is our pick for GW23 captain. Man Utd were in free-scoring form against Southampton and should carry some bits of that spirit into this game. United also have a superb record over Everton in recent years – Bruno seems to be a safe pick.





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