Exclusive Interview with FPL Insider
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Exclusive Interview with FPL Insider

We managed to speak to Henning, the man behind the Twitter account FPL Insider, which is making headlines around the FPL Community.

He is an Aston Villa fan based in Norway, not too far from Oslo.

FPL Insider went viral in the FPL Community last week when it was named as one of the reasons for the “leak” behind Grealish’s injury news.

Exclusive Interview with FPL Insider

How the FPL bot works

There have some misconceptions about how Henning’s FPL bot works.

In reality, the bot is not “hacking” any information – it simply put together publicly available information and alerts the public domain via Twitter when certain logics are triggered.

Henning had painstakingly dug out names of training staff and junior players (via public domains) and created a list of “insiders” – FPL managers who are directly working for or involved in Premier League sides.

After the FPL transfer deadline has passed, the bot gets into action. It scans the entire database of FPL teams (8m+ of them) and check if an “insider” had made a transfer of any players from their related teams. If so, it will send an automatic tweet like the one here:

As this information is released only after deadlines have passed, it does not directly help Henning in his FPL game, or at least it does not gain him the unfair advantage in the short run.

Also, FPL team ids change from season to season, so Henning has to take steps to simplify the process next season, so that all the work is not lost when the FPL resets for 2021/22.

Shot to Fame

It has been a roller coaster for Henning over the past few days. Describing the situation as intense, he had received tonnes of DMs and mentions everywhere, which he intends to follow up of all of them.

There was some buzz around his bot prior to the Villa incident, but it was definitely much quieter.

Multiple media outlets have since contacted him, including BBC Newsbeat, BBC Radio 5, Norwegian tv2, The Athletic, L’equipe, multiple blogs and podcasts.


Interesting Facts on teams

Through his work, Henning had identified two interesting facts about two Premier League teams –

“Wolves have a league where it’s basically all the first team players.


“Everton had funny names that you really had to be clever to find out who they were.”

Other than that, he admitted that he have not had the time to investigate more in detail because he spends most of his time fixing bugs and improving code of the bot.

He can confirm however, that Patrick Bamford is playing pretty actively, even captaining himself on multiple occasions and speaking about it in media. So we can now confirm that Bamford isn’t joking when you gave this legendary interview:


FPL journey

Henning is actually a veteran in FPL, having played it for ten years.

This season he decided to make a dedicated FPL account because he felt he was boring most of his followers with FPL talk. When he created the bot he created a new profile for it as well.

He admitted that his ORs over the last ten years “had not been great” and had only started seriously since two years ago after many years of “set and forget” teams (or at least after GW5-6 every year).


The way forward

Henning believes that the bot can uncover a lot more. He is excited to see what the bot can pick up over the next few gameweeks, given that Villa had already explicitly banned their players from FPL.

He has been told by different journalists that the rule had been applied by other teams in the Premier League as well, so perhaps his bot can confirm this trend over the next few gameweeks.


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