DGW26 and DGW27
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After much online speculation and excel planning, Premier League has officially confirmed DGW26 and DGW27.

DGW26 and DGW27 – What is happening?


There will be a total of 17 fixtures to be played on GW26, making it the biggest DGW of the 2020/21 season.

14 teams have 2 fixtures; the 6 teams with single fixtures are:

  • Southampton
  • Leeds
  • Arsenal
  • West Ham
  • Brighton
  • Newcastle

On paper, Man City have the best DGW fixtures, playing West Ham and Wolves at home. Then again, with the form they are in, any fixture looks winnable for them,

Aston Villa have two away games but are at Leeds and Sheff Utd. Leeds are renowned to be porous at the back while the Blades have struggled for form all season.

Everton’s DGW is also noteworthy, playing Southampton at home then playing WBA at the Hawthorns, where the latter have been leaking goals for fun.


2 teams are playing 2 fixtures this GW27:

  • Southampton vSHU | @MCI
  • Man City vMNU | vSOU


GW29 will be a blank gamweek of only 4 fixtures.

  • Fulham vs Leeds
  • Brighton vs Newcastle
  • West Ham vs Arsenal
  • Aston Villa v Spurs

Why is DGW26 and DGW27 happening?

FPL Calendar 2020/21

The reshuffling of fixtures are essentially necessitated by two domestic cup competitions and of course the already packed football calendar which cannot be extended because of Euro 2020 in the summer.

The FA Cup quarter-finals had always been scheduled on GW29, teams making to the quarters are always expected to have their games rescheduled.

GW33 is the weekend of the EFL Cup Final between Spurs and Man City. Two fixtures on GW33 – #MCISOU and #FULTOT are affected. #MCISOU is shifted to GW27 and #FULTOT to GW26.

The #AVLTOT fixture, which was affected COVID earlier in the season, is moved to GW29 as both Villa and Spurs are already out of the FA Cup.

Other games to be rescheduled?

After the official confirmation, there are still fixtures left to be rescheduled.

  • Aston Villa v Everton – This was a postponed game from GW18 because of COVID
  • Spurs v Southampton – This is the affected fixture for GW33

Any other affected gameweeks?

Yes. The FA Cup will cause 2 more disruptions to the fixtures.

The semis are scheduled on GW32 and the Final is scheduled on GW37.

There are 7 Premier League sides and 1 team from the Championship still in the FA Cup so chances are there will be a few more BGW and DGW to come until the end of the season

Barring the possibility of making teams play 3 fixtures in a gameweek, there are two more slots to play rescheduled fixtures – GW32 and GW37.

DGW strategy?

FPL Wildcard 2020

If you have been planning for DGW26 from GW24 onwards, lucky you. The confirmation of DGW26 was announced after the deadline for FPL transfers on GW25 so if you did not activate your Wildcard prior to that, the chances of you playing the Bench Boost is diminished.

However with what is going on, it may not be such a bad idea to hold on your chips still for the home stretch of the season from GW30 onwards.



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