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We picked out 8 interesting FPL Instagram Accounts to follow – and collated their FPL advices for the remainder of the season.

In no order of merit, we present …

FPL Instagram Accounts – 🇬🇧 Matt Whelan

Matt is based in Chester near Merseyside in the UK and is a 15-year veteran of FPL, having started in 2006.

His best OR was in the 2010/11 season where he finished 2,489 globally. He also has 1 x Top 50k, 2 x Top 100k and 5 x Top 250k finishes.

Matt runs the Instagram account FPL_obssesed and normally post 3 times weekly:

  • a GW review at the beginning of the week, where he reflects on the GW just passed and initial thoughts for the next GW.
  • an IGTV video called ‘Mid Week Musings’ where he talks about FPL decisions (analysing player options, captaincy decisions and players he does not have).
  • a GW Battle Plan where he discusses his locked In team for the next GW and my strategy.

He is currently writing a book on FPL based on his findings over the last 15 years (bad habits to avoid and how to maximise chance of success) which he aims to get published in May 2021. Watch this space for the review!

FPL advice 2020/21
  • Ensure you have a strong bench to mitigate sudden player/fixture loss through Covid-19
  • Always have a plan for 4-6 GWs ahead but be prepared to be flexible with that plan when circumstances change
  • Avoid points hits unless they are absolutely necessary and keep the captaincy decisions simple and sensible

🇬🇧 FPL Juice

FPL Juice is a duo – Ash🍹 (4 years in FPL) is based in Bedfordshire whilst Nick🍊 (9 years in FPL) is based in Hertfordshire. They are very active on their Twitter account.

They are the world’s first studio-based, live, interactive, FPL Podcast. They have already featured former Premier league players like Richard Lee and Adrian Marippa on their podcasts with more special guests lined up from current pros, ex pros and people within the FPL Community.

Their mix of fun, banter, games and silliness combined with their interaction with their fans is what sets them apart from the rest.

On their Instagram, they usually post behind-the-scenes images and footages of their live interactive podcasts. They also post pictures of their FPL Teams, funnies, merchandise, competition winners and anything else relating to their pod.

FPL advice 2020/21
  • Zaha as an Out of Position striker is superb value!
  • Bruno is essential!
  • KDB will come good, he always does!
  • Dallas is a great find!
  • Chelsea forwards playing Frank Roulette!

🇬🇧🇸🇬 fplmariner

This is Instagram account of FPL Mariner, who has nearly 4K followers on Twitter, where he is active.

FPL Mariner is from the UK and has been in Singapore for the last couple of years.

His OR is currently in the top 10K and his previous finishes include:

  • 2018/19 OR 51k
  • 2019/20 OR 94k

FPL Mariner gathers a host of statistics weekly and analyse it up on spreadsheets. In particular, he uses statistics to find players who are over or underperforming, using metrics like Expected Goals (xG) and Expected Assists (xA).

He also likes to look for bargains by looking at statistics like Points per Million (PPM), chances of rotation and fixture difficulty over the next 5 fixtures.

FPL advice 2020/21

Patience is a virtue! Given the Covid situation, wait till late before making transfers.

🇬🇧 FPL Noble Gent

FPL Noble Gent is from Yorkshire, UK and has been playing FPL for 10 years. His highest finish is 55k.

With his Instagram account, FPL Noble Gent tries to make things fun over this stressful period. As well as posting reviews and previews of his team each week, he runs fun contests and post regular Trivia questions for his followers to take part in an interact with.

He has also managed to get his wife involved in FPL recently, generating good rivalry in the Noble household.

FPL advice 2020/21

Remain as patient as possible, especially in these unprecedented times. Losing a bit of team value may be worth the extra information that you can receive in what is a congested schedule by leaving your transfers as late as possible.


FPLJustTheTip is a team of three, two of which are based in Australia (Gold Coast and Newcastle) and the other in Malta. They have varying years of FPL experience.

They usually post team and player specific predictions based on current and past statistics and data. They post our team line ups (before the deadline) along with their transfers and team analysis.

They also post a weekly review, summing up how their respective teams performed and the direction forward. The uncertainty of this current season means that their posts have reduced as they want to put reliable information out there, in an easy to read format.

FPL advice 2020/21

A big tip for this season is to be PATIENT. Most of our rushed decisions have backfired. When we relax and hold strong with our informed decisions, we see better results. Save your transfers when ever possible. All players blank (except for Bruno Fernandes ) at some point, it’s just the way it is.

2FT are always better than 0 or 1. So take your time, read our posts, ask us questions, and use them wisely.


fplgurus is a sailor by profession and is based in Mumbai, India.

He loves football, especially the Premier League and is a huge Man City fan.

This is is 4th year in FPL and he posts a variety of content about #FPL, including tips, suggestions, price changes, results, line ups and early news.

FPL advice 2020/21

You need to save your chips and use it wisely. It’s the age of the pandemic, players and teams are doing their best to play but unfortunately sometimes they fall prey to COVID. A lot of things can change due to that. Avoid unnecessary hits. Keep your patience throughout the season. Always take one game week at a time.


FPL_Skills is from the UK and posts his team for upcoming gameweeks regularly on his Instagram.

He has playing FPL for 2 seasons now, finishing 400k+ last season.

He runs a YouTube Channel, providing his gameweek previews, captain picks, potential options and differential options for the upcoming gameweeks.

FPL advice 2020/21

Think carefully before using your chips.


fpl.help is from Ireland and this is his third year in the game. He usually posts team previews and reviews of his team. He also covers differentials and captain choices.

He strongly encourages his followers to DM him for help.

FPL advice 2020/21

Try your best not to take hits, we don’t know what’s ahead in the future so be wise with how you play.


Last but hopefully not the least, this is the official FPL account of FF Titans.

We are a team of content providers based in Singapore and have contributors from all over the globe, including the UK, Mexico and Australia.

We use our Instagram account mainly for FPL-themed memes and our weekly captain picks.

FPL advice 2020/21

Remember the FPL Corona Chip:

  • Choose Captain and Vice-Captain from different teams
  • Have a strong bench
  • Reduce Concentration Risk; never tripling up on a team


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