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Changes to Premier League fixtures for GW18 and GW19 is set to wreck havoc to FPL managers’ plans. We have previously noted the change of one fixture but now the changes have been crystalized.



FPL DGW GW19 and BGW GW18 – What is happening?

There will be a Blank Game Week (BGW) for 8 teams on GW18 – there are only 6 fixtures to be played.

5 matches involving those 10 teams are shifted to GW19 – a total of 16 fixtures are on this gameweek, making it a double gameweek (DGW).

The 12 teams with DGWs are:

  • West Ham (vBUR | vWBA)
  • WBA (@WOL | @WHU)
  • Leicester (vSOU | vCHE)
  • Chelsea (@FUL | @LEI)
  • Leeds (vBHA | vSOU)
  • Southampton (@LEI | @LEE)
  • Fulham (vCHE | vMNU)
  • Manchester United (@LIV | @FUL)
  • Liverpool (vMNU | vBUR)
  • Burnley (@WHU | @LIV)
  • Manchester City (vCRY | vAVL) [added]
  • Aston Villa (vEVE | @MCI) [added]

4 teams have fixtures on BGW18 AND DGW19 are :

  • Manchester United
  • Manchester City
  • Burnley
  • Aston Villa (removed)
  • Fulham (added)

Why is this happening?

The mid-week between 16 Jan and 23 Jan is actually free on the football calendar, enabling the team to reschedule it to that date.

The re-arrangement are also planned in tandem with the FA Cup 3rd Round fixtures, which are played from 8 Jan 2021 to 11 Jan 2021.

Other rescheduled games?

  • Burnley v Man Utd (from GW01 to GW18)
  • Man City v Aston Villa (from GW01 to GW19)

At time of writing, 4 Premier League fixtures still need to be rescheduled:

  • Aston Villa v Newcastle (from GW10)
  • Everton v Man City (GW16)
  • Spurs vs Fulham (GW16) – now to GW18
  • Fulham vs Burnley (GW17)
  • Spurs vs Aston Villa (GW18)

FPL Calendar 2020/21

The midweek between 27 Feb and 6 Mar is the next possible date to play these fixtures. The next open window after that is in April.

Team planning

This set of fixtures presents a nightmare scenario to many FPL managers.

Without the use of chips, it would be impossible to plan for the 2 gameweeks, as they are mutually exclusive – if you focus on setting up an XI that will play on GW18 it will mean sacrifices to your GW19 team, vice-versa.

The focus should be on the 4 teams with both fixtures on GW18 AND DGW on GW19.

Fixture Easing

A good point to note here is that January is potential a light month for several top teams in terms of fixtures.

Take Liverpool for example.

In December, Liverpool would have played a total of 8 games (6 Premier League | 2 Champions League).

In January, Liverpool plays a maximum of 5 fixtures – one of which is the FA Cup Third Round which we can expect the club to rest several top players. If they do not progress from the Third Round, they will only play 4 games in January.

What this means is that top FPL Assets are not likely to be rested for Premier League games on GW18 and GW19 – barring injuries / suspensions.

What is a possible FPL Double Gameweek chip strategy?

There are just 3 gameweeks to GW17 so without taking hits, FPL managers have a maximum of 4 Free Transfers (FTs) to structure their team.

GW17 Wildcard – GW18 Free Hit – GW19 Bench Boost

FPL Wildcard 2020

To fully work around GW18/19, the strategy is to use the (second) wildcard on GW17 to pack your team with players from the 10 teams with DGWs.

As this would be mean that your GW18 would be severely affected, use the Free Hit on GW18 is to negate this.

By the time GW19 comes around, you should have 15 players playing two fixtures so use your Bench Boost to maximise your points.

This option feels like an all-in, especially since you would be going into the second half of the season with next to no chips and no wildcard.

GW19 Free Hit

 FPL Free Hit

In lieu of using too m chips over the same period of time, you could simply continue to build your team slowly towards GW18 then using the Free Hit on GW19 to have a full team of players playing DGWs.

On paper, it feels more advantageous to use the Free Hit on GW19 over GW18, as it is a more positive move to get players who are likely to play 2 games than just 1.

GW19 Wildcard

The use of Wildcard on GW19 is also viable. This sets your team nicely up for a DGW then you can structure your team from that point onwards.


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