FPL Cup 2020/21 Qualifying
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The FPL Cup 2020/21 Qualifying round has been concluded on GW16

FPL Cup 2020/21 Qualifying – Cut-off score of 37

37pts on GW17 is the magic qualifying mark for the 2020/21 FPL Cup.

This score happens to be the average of GW16 and teams with this score are ranked 3,955,355, safely above the 4,194,304 needed to qualify.

We all know GW16 was a bit of a disaster for many FPL managers, with two fixtures (#EVEMCI and #TOTFUL) postponed after the transfer deadline.

Teams with several Man City and Spurs assets are bound to suffer in GW16. Leeds was the runaway points magnet for the round, with their 5-0 win over WBA.

There would also be a huge group of managers who entirely lost out on the captain points if both their captain and vice-captain did not play.

Other highly owned assets who did not play in GW16 include Ryan (BHA), Matip (LIV) and Coufal (WHU).

Dead/inactive teams

Given how peculiar GW16 has been, we do expect an unprecedented number of dead/inactive teams to proceed to the first round of the cup.

This may help FPL managers progress further than they have before, but given that this is a 22-round knockout tournament, this impact will be minimum towards the serious end of the competition.

For those with 36pts

If you have scored 36pts in GW16, it is not over for you.

If there are more than 4,194,304 qualifiers then there will be a random draw amongst the lowest scorers to see who qualifies.

According to our calculation, 434,354 managers scored 36pts and there is still space for 238,969 teams in the FPL Cup.

That means that for teams on 36pts, there is a ~55% chance to be virtually “picked” to qualify for the Cup in the ballot.

Good Luck!

What’s next from here

If you had progressed into the cup, you should expect to see your next round’s opponent in the next refresh / update.

You can of course find his/her/their team id and check on the team’s history.

This process will continue through to GW38, where it will serve as the 2020/21 FPL Cup Final.


Our same advice applies – good luck, but don’t too upset if you get knocked out early!


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