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What is the FPL Bench Boost and when to use it?

The Bench Boost is one of the four chips available to FPL managers. The others are Triple Captain, Free Hit and the Wildcard.

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What is the FPL Bench Boost?

The Bench Boost is one of the four available FPL chips available to managers. When you use your bench boost, every player of your team, all 15 of them, scores points for you in that gameweek. In other words, your FPL bench also contributes to your points total, instead of just your starting XI.

Like Free Hit and Triple Captain, you can only used it once in an entire 38-gameweek season.

When can I use the FPL Bench Boost?

Literally any GW, from GW01 to GW38. If you did not use it, it would not be played automatically for you.

Can I cancel the Bench Boost after using it?

No, once activated, it would be active for your GW.

Can I use my Bench Boost on the same gameweek which I wildcard?

FPL Wildcard 2020

No, FPL stipulates that only one chip can be used per GW. If you used your wildcard in the GW, you cannot use your bench boost. Therefore, plan ahead, wildcard one GW and use the bench boost the subsequent week.

What if I used the Bench Boost and one of my players did not play at all?

That’s just too bad, you get zero points for that player.

There would not be any additional player which you can draft in for points that GW.

When is the best time to use a Bench Boost?

FPL GW03 Team Selection

This is the top question of this FAQ.

The use of bench boost is the right GW can prove the deciding factor for your entire FPL season. Remember this: the FPL season is a marathon, not a sprint. If you are in it for the long haul, make sure you don’t do anything silly early on. Save your bench boost up.

As with all Premier League seasons, there would be double game weeks (DGWs) – game weeks in which there are teams with more than one fixture. This happens because of games which had been postponed for a variety of reasons – Cup ties, teams taking part in other competitions etc.

The 2020/21 season’s first DGW is arriving on GW19. Big guns like Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea are all playing twice that GW, along with 7 other teams.

The DGW is the most opportune time to use your Bench Boost. If you have a solid team of 15 players who will all get game time, bench boost on the DGW will ensure that you get a solid round of points from your bench as well.

However, planning your squad in the weeks leading up to the DGW is crucial – you will need to bring in players slowly or take hits to build a team of 15 players who will play.

How does Bench Boost affect H2H leagues and the Cup?

For H2H leagues, you technically get a booster for that tie in the week. If your H2H opponent did not play any chip in that week, you have 4 additional players to score you points. If H2H is your focus, then save up the Bench Boost to play into in a GW which you are playing a key opponent.

Likewise for the FPL Cup which starts GW19, you get a booster for the cup tie.



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