FF Titans Join FF Scout International
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FF Titans Join FF Scout International Network

We are proud to announce that we have officially joined the FF Scout International network, a growing initiative set up by the good people at Fantasy Football Scout earlier this season.


What just happened?

According to FF Scout, “FFS International is a new branch of the Scout Network dedicated to featuring the best content creators from around the world. There is Fantasy advice, insight and entertainment going out all over the planet, tailored to their local communities, languages and timezones and we want to help play a part in connect creators with their audiences.”

FF Titans have been officially unveiled as one of the new faces this round.

What does this mean for FF Titans?

Among other things, we get to put this lovely badge on our our social media banners and thumbnails.

Having recognition from the arguably most renowned Fantasy Football page on the planet is of course a great thing. The Scout page has 4.7 million visitors per annum and they generate a lot of traffic on social media. Their reach will help us increase our own reach.

We will also contribute to articles published by the Scout, starting from this piece on West Ham assets. Our full comments are in this link.

On a personal level, it marks an important milestone to the work we have done over the past few years.

What will change?

Broadly, nothing.

We will continue to focus on #FPL and #UCLfantasy this season, pushing out content via our page and our social media channels.

We are continuously looking for people to work with, so if you think there is any way we can collaborate, do contact us.

How did FF Titans get here?

The idea to put together a webpage and create an online identity as a unit was conceptualized in a small café in downtown Singapore a few years back. It started with a group of lifetime friends with a passion for FPL wanting to share their love and insight for the game.

We reached out and worked with several collaborators in the past, including Fantasy Draft game Togga, LeagueSX and network stations like Eleven Sports.

Over the years, our team contributors and collaborators have evolved. Today we are a community of international team members with the one mission statement – to share what FPL knowledge, stats and develop friendships in the FPL community.

We will continue to let our desire to share and learn guide our future undertakings.

A shoutout to our current team

Besides generating regular column ourselves, we currently have a great team of contributors.

  • FF Hobbit likes to talk about all things beautiful and attractive about the game.
  • FPL Mariner is our stats man with the spreadsheet and weekly picks.
  • Gerardo L is a perennial winner in the game and likes to dive deep into analysis.
  • Josh Dowling is our weekly reviewer.
  • Like ourselves, Homeground is a collaboration of a few friends from Singapore.
  • For all things #UCLFantasy, we have UCL Fantasy Goal from Ireland.


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FF Titans provide #FPL and #UCL Fantasy content. Member of the Scout International Network.

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