FPL GW05 Review
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FPL GW05 Review

Josh Dowling rants about GW05.

Merseyside is “purple”

The Merseyside derby had everything  – 4 goals, a red card, VAR drama and we still couldn’t get a winner, but honestly what was going on in the VAR room?

Pickford’s tackle that honestly was the most disgraceful I’ve ever seen for a while. I honestly believe Liverpool were robbed of winning that derby, at least Everton still can’t beat us, it’s been a long time for them.

Liverpool’s two fullbacks are still going to produce the goods, I know everyone is going to get rid of Trent Alexander-Arnold but stick by him, that’s what I’m doing he’s still got the quality.

The people who gave James Rodriguez the price of 7.5 to start the season must have never watched him play, he is playing with so much heart, looks like he is enjoying his football again under a coach who is backing him in as Carlo Ancelotti knew the quality of Rodriguez back at Real Madrid. He is now sitting at 8.0m and is a MUST HAVE for the rest of the season, just let him ride it out as he will blank every now and then but so does every star.

He is however a doubt for the upcoming week but if you can, do hold on to him – Everton still have good fixtures to come.

It’s sad that he will most likely be 10.5 next season, if he keeps up what he is producing.

Aston Villa

Aston Villa have been the surprise packet this season. They should have been playing in the Championship this season but they aren’t and are sitting nicely second at the moment with a game in hand over Everton.

Werner Up Front

It was good to see Lampard watched Germany play during the international break and saw that Werner is better at being a striker, the ones who stuck by him were finally rewarded for sticking by their striker, it was very unfortunate for non-owners like myself hoping he would drop below 9.0m then be able to jump on board.

Kane the Man

I knew Harry Kane would perform well early on this season, but not this well – everyone is now jumping on the bandwagon. Sometimes I do wish there was a limit on how many people could have a certain player, but I guess that’s why lots of people play Fantasy Draft so coaches don’t have the same players as everyone else. Harry Kane is currently the highest scoring fantasy player with 60 points from 5 gameweeks, that’s an average of 12 points a game, worthy captain selection for any game at the moment.

I remember saying in my GW02 article, maybe I should of started with Vardy due to Kane’s blank in GW01 but I’m so happy I stuck with Kane.

Last Chance for Mitro

FPL GW01 team selection

Lastly, Mitrovic, this is your final warning, one more blank and you are OUT!!!

How did he miss that penalty on the weekend, he scored 26 goals last season in the Championship, he’s performed before in the Premier League, maybe Fulham just aren’t playing as well as they could be.


How did I perform in Gameweek 5?

“Butter mouse”

Well I’m still being the “butter mouse”. For the ones who don’t know what I mean by that, it’s a thing that was thrown around when playing Australian Rules Football Fantasy, only because that was more unpredictable than this type of fantasy, FPL, which is the best fantasy.

It just means by being more positive about your team and just trying to make the right choices and backing your choices or players in and not changing your team too much.

Changing your team too much can burn you by losing points for transfers and losing points for a player you have transferred in getting a worse score than the player you have transferred out.

TC on Kane?

This week just gone I had the option of triple captaining Kane or even using my wildcard, but I thought better of it, especially since Mitrovic blanked again, which might lead me to using my wildcard after GW06.

Do I regret not triple captaining Kane? Yes and no!! Yes, only because I could have moved up the ranks even further, no because I do see another player in a double Gameweek getting at least 20 points meaning I’ll get 60 from them.

My score was 74 for the week, about 60 points behind the GW leader.

Apart from my abysmal first week score when I thought I’d be in for a long season, it’s all changed. This Gameweek score got me a GR of 1.5 million out of 7.2 million players which would make you move up in the ranks and it did.


Don’t forget the only way is up when you start the season ranked in 4,287,238th place. Since GW01 I have improved every week and now am up to 284,000th but peaked on Monday morning at 229,000 but unfortunately had only one Semedo who got me only 6 points while 3/4 the four Monday teams kept clean sheets. I am happy with that rank so far and very worried that one week I’ll fall and fall badly.

Captaining Kane got me 32 points while unfortunately TAA got me only 1 point, I expect a better return from him this week coming v Sheffield United at Anfield.

I am Liverpool through and through and will never praise a Manchester United team or player ever, but this guy deserves praise – Marcus Rashford.

I’ll never forgive you for scoring against my guys but what you did this week in fantasy was great producing your best return in a couple of seasons, hopefully you continue that this week, but I just want to say the man deserved huge recognition for what he has done for school kids in England during the coronavirus lockdown period which he then was awarded MBE, he is a role model to all up and coming football players.

The way he went about doing what he did for the children was amazing and I honestly reckon it has changed him as a footballer too, I haven’t watched much of him this season but from what my brother said, he looks as hungry and dangerous as he did when he first started playing premier league football.

Who do we transfer out this week?

The obvious choice is Virgil Van Djik as he will unfortunately be out for a long period of time.

TAA has been transferred out by 200,000 managers this week, but I feel like he will repay the coaches who have stuck by him.

De Bruyne must be transferred out as he is still doubtful and hasn’t performed recently either.

Mitrovic is on the chopping block but I would hold for the next two games as Fulham come up against Palace who have been playing nice football and also West Brom which Fulham should win. I’m holding but so far 136,000 have transferred him out.

Who do we transfer in?

FPL GW03 Wildcard

Calvert Lewin but be wary there maybe a blank coming.

Kane and Son are definite transfers in as well, but stay clear of Kane plz as he will stop scoring if lots of people transfer in, but nah he’s in some form at the moment.

Lots of people have transferred Rodriguez in but unfortunately he is being left out of the squad for Southampton.

Villa duo Martinez and Grealish have been transferred in by 250,000 plus managers, but soon Villa will drop off I hope.

I’ve used my transfer so far and gone Youri Tielemans to Lucas Moura. A little risky that I hope pays off, couldn’t get to Grealish.


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By Josh Dowling

Josh Dowling js from Australia and has been playing FPL for 9 years. He follows Liverpool fervently and is passionate about the Beautiful Game. He is currently coaching and getting his FFA C license. He blogs regularly as well, so do check it out!

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