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FPL Manager – FF Hobbit Profile

FF Hobbit is one of the founders of the FF Titan project.

He has a love for things weird and likes WAGs – Premier League WAGs and Asian WAGs alike.


Firstly, tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a football fan who enjoys catching live football games and can’t wait for stadiums to be filled with fans again. Obviously with the Premier League being in another country, it will take a longer while before overseas fans like myself can be back to the grounds.

Who do you support in the Premier League?

I have supported Liverpool since childhood.

In the recent year, I have started supporting Burnley after having seen them play in Singapore a decade ago.

What is your FPL overall strategy (gut feel, statistics, etc?)

FF Hobbit

Well, I am not the writer dishing out FPL advice on this page, that you can be assured of.

I rely quite a lot on my not so successful gut feel.

I also like to read up on new players or players from promoted teams to pick some differential picks. I avoid very top and obvious picks like Mo Salah and Kevin de Bruyne because I believe there is no fun in picking the same players as everyone else in the league.

Some early thoughts about the 2020/21 season?

Too many penalties and the new VAR rule on handball is killing the game that I loved. I do hope something is done about that soon.

Top FPL Midfielders

James Rodriguez looks like an astute signing and is seemingly giving Everton the same impact that Bruno Fernandes had on Man United last season.

Who do you think will do superbly this season over 38 GWs?

Leeds. Promoted teams always bring with them the momentum from the previous season and they have already shown that they are comfortable in possession even against Man City and Liverpool.

Marcelo Bielsa is such an interesting character and I am glad that he is now in the Premier League.

In terms of players, several Leeds players look under-priced in FPL and I would pack them into my team. At this point I recommend Luke Ayling, Helder Costa and Jack Harrison.

FPL Bandwagon GW01

Patrick Bamford may have started the season with a bang but I am not so sure that he will be Leeds’ first choice throughout the season. He may miss games here and there so I would rather not have him than play the waiting game. 

Spurs and Everton are the other two teams to watch. Spurs have a brilliant attack this season and will start to get results over fellow Top 6 sides. Everton have of course enjoyed a quality start to their season and look set to challenge for the top 4, at the minimum.

Who do you think will flop awfully?

Burnley, unfortunately. The lack of any meaningful signings is going to hurt them badly.

I pity Sean Dyche, he is a top manager for years, utilising what he has at his disposal astutely and bring the small club to its current stature.

However, this is the Premier League and with everyone else spending so much just to stay in the league, Burnley will fall behind over time. Hopefully, they can pick up some points after the International Break and stay afloat.

I would be staying away from players like Nick Pope and other Burnley defenders because I do not think that they will come close to matching their defensive record of last season.

Predict the Premier League champions?

Liverpool hopefully.

Over the course of the 38 game weeks, perhaps only Chelsea and Man City can come close to the consistency of Liverpool.


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By FF Hobbit

FF Hobbit is an avid football and fantasy football fan who simply can't make up his mind. Torn between his love for 2 football clubs amidst other interests, he has a dogged determination to do well in whatever he does. Unfortunately, fantasy football fame has eluded him thus far.

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