FPL Captain Picks GW01


Salah (vLEE)

  • 19 Premier League goals last season
  • 10 assist in 2019/20
  • Liverpool playing promoted side at home
  • 2nd overall in ICT index
  • TSB% ~32%

Aubameyang (@FUL)

FPL GW01 Team Selection

  • 22 Premier League goals last season
  • 5 assists in 2019/20
  • Playing a leaky promoted side
  • Converted to midfielder this season, will now earn CS points
  • TSB% ~49%

Werner (@BHA)

Werner Brother

  • 28 Bundesliga goals last season
  • 8 assist in 2019/20
  • Already scored against Brighton at same venue in friendly
  • Scored for Germany in UEFA Nations League
  • TSB% ~49.5% (second highest)


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By FF Titan

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