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Corona Chip FPL – Firstly, let us start with a strong statement. This editorial team takes COVID-19 seriously. You should read official new sources and advice from trusted sources.

You can check out some of our COVID-19 related content, they are constantly updated with the latest figures.

The month of March has seen COVID-19 hit the shores of Europe badly, affecting the lives of hundreds of millions. United Kingdom is not spared in this crisis and we should not be surprised if one or a few of the below happens during the remainder of the season:

  • Abrupt postponement of games (already happened with #MCIARS)
  • Clubs sitting out for 14 days if substantial number of players are told to self-isolate
  • Total or partial reduction of crowd attending games
  • Piling up of fixtures
  • A later end to the season than planned

With these in mind, perhaps there is a need to think about the Corona chip: A FPL Strategy against COVID19.

Corona Chip FPL#1: Choose Captain and Vice-Captain from different teams

Many institutions have implemented relevant ‘split-work’ procedures, splitting up teams performing similar duties into segregated teams housed in different locations. The rationale is so that if one member is infected and/or quarantined, the entire function will not be shut down as there are proper segregation of the staff.

You should most definitely apply this in choosing your next FPL Captain. The game dictates that IF both your Captain and Vice-captain do not play that gameweek, no one in the team will get the double points. In this scenario it no longer make sense to Captain the players from the same team.

Corona Chip FPL#2: Have a strong bench

Many FPL managers like to own a few players of the lowest price (such as inactive players like Giles (WOL | DEF| 3.9)) to free cash up. In this period, this gameplan may no longer be feasible. Others have a second goalkeeper of the same team as the first GK or simply a GK who will never play.

To spread the risk of postponement and cancellation of games, it now makes sense to have a full squad of 15 players who are likely to play. Think of it like building a squad in preparation for the use of a Bench Boost. All 15 must have good chances of playing.

Definitely bear this in mind in your next usage of the wildcard.

Corona Chip FPL#3: Reduce Concentration Risk

In the same principle, now it no longer make sense to leverage heavily on just a few teams.

Many FPL managers would have either 3 Liverpool assets or 3 Man City assets, splashing out cash on these players. However, it is now time to think twice and spread expensive assets across as many teams as possible.

Another way to reduce concentration risk is not to have defenders from the same team. 3 defenders are needed to field a proper team so if you have 2 Sheff Utd defenders from the start and their game get postponed, you will be done to absolute bare bones. The only viable choice henceforth is to have defenders (at the minimum) from 5 different teams.

Corona Chip FPL#4: Early use of FPL Chips

If you are an eternal pessimist and have a worry that the Premier League may not finish with the full set of games, then perhaps it is time to utilise all your remaining chips ASAP.

GW31 is definitely worth the Free Hit but chips like Bench Boost and Triple Captain can be utilised soon as well in light of the situation.

If you still have your wildcard – use it now.


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