FPL Instagram Accounts
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FPL Instagram Accounts

We scour the depths of Instagram today and pick out a few FPL-themed Instagram accounts to follow. All accounts are linked so do show some love and start following them.

In no order of merit, we present ….

FPL Instagram Accounts – thefpldad

thefpldad is from Athens, Greece and is currently into his third season into FPL. This is by far his best season (OR: 9000+) so he has decided to start an instagram account to share his progress and exploits. He posts regularly on his team selections, differential picks and his predictions on now Premier League games will go.

He encourages his followers to reach out to him via DM as he likes to help every other manager out there.


fpl_amazing is a new kid on the block, having only recently starting out his instagram account. He posts on a variety of Premier League stats, player updates as well as his on team selections.


fpl.help is from Ireland and this is his second year in the game. He is unique with his posts and updates. He posts range from player picks, squad selections, interesting factoids and his own progress in the FPL Cup. He encourages his followers to DM him for advice and help.


FPLJustTheTip is a team from Australia, focusing on transfers, punts, predictions, statistics and news. They include weekly updates on news and injuries, as well as showcasing their own teams via posts throughout the week. The team professes that they take a lot of time and effort to curate all their posts to give a consistent and professional feel to their account. What sets them apart is their lighthearted banter.

The team has 4 years of experience of FPL but has been hardcore football fans since forever. Also, as they are based in Australia, timing is not always perfect to view Premier League games live so they rely on various apps to catch the highlights.


FPL Population

This account is from the Caribbean and they provide plenty of FPL information, help and tips via their Youtube channel. They release a consistent number of videos via their channel on a regular basis, talking about FPL reviews, selections and captaincy picks. Their Insta account supplements their video posts with pictures and infographics of price changes. The team has 7 years of FPL experience and boast strong ORs over the years.

Oh they also run a league with prize money – check their landing page for more information




This is of course, the instagram account of FF Titans, a team of dedicated FPL content providers from Singapore. Collectively, we have may years of experience in the game and we love to build a community of FPL fans. Via our insta account, we share our weekly captain picks, statistics and football memes (which we think are funny).


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