Addicted to FPL
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Are you addicted to FPL?

The first step to solving any problem … is to admit that there is a problem. We are no psychiatrists but have seen many friends and even family members join the dark side over the years, let us help you diagnose it.

These are tell-tale signs of an addict.


When you type “fa” on your browser it leads you to instead of



International breaks are genuine breaks for your well-being

You finally get to spend quality time with your non-football family and friends and can have a meal without checking up on live scores every 45 seconds..



When your heart pumps doubly hard when your player takes a penalty

When you have the goalkeeper, too




When almost every Premier League match has something riding on it

Bring on Sheffield United VS Crystal Palace!



When the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is to check how many points you have scored from the previous night

Do I have that clean sheet?



When abbreviations like WC / TC / BP / FH actually mean something to you

Yes – something only we know



Oh, if you have not decided on a team name yet, we have a killer list of top FPL team names for the 2020/21 season for you to choose from.


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