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Norwich Till I Die! We are privileged to be able to speak to Sean Morgan (SM), a life-long Norwich City fan. Sean has been following his hometown team since his father took him to the second leg of the 1962 League Cup Final which Norwich won.

Sean has been in working in Asia for the last 12 years, calling places like India, Hong Kong and Thailand home. He has also spent time living in the States, Paris and London. His family home is in Norfolk and has two brothers who have season tickets like himself.  His two other siblings – a sister and a younger brother are also fervent fans of the club.

FFT: Many thanks for your time today, Sean. Can you share with us how relegation felt last term?
SM: I was GUTTED to be relegated but once I composed myself agreed that we deserved it but also that at least we would win more games in the Championship. We can only really be a strong Premiership team if we have new owners, likely to be Asian…Delia Smith has done a great job up until now but now the game is different.

FFT: How is the team looking this season? Do you believe that can bounce straight up?

SM: Team is winning but not playing well so I think this is good. We have our far share of squad problems and we are paying too high salaries for some players that are not playing. Nothing but a promotion this year,is acceptable though.

FFT: Which other teams do you think are strong enough in the Championship this season to challenge for the promotion slots?

SM: The Championship is a very strong division to get out of – both the other relegated teams (Newcastle United and Aston Villa) will be strong as well as Brighton and Derby

FFT: Lastly, can you share with us if there are any Norwich City fan clubs here in Asia, if so, how can anyone reach out?

Norwich fans in Bangkok Norwich fans in HK


SM: There is strong representation of Norwich Fans in Thailand and Hong Kong and they can be reached through my Asian Canaries Facebook page. We also have a very strong group in Australia – Canaries Down Under. We have over 15 countries represented on our Facebook site although I feel that we need to build that up especially in China. Overall, we need to get a good balance of Expats and local fans which we have in Thailand and Hong Kong.

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