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We continue our “Till I die …” series this week in Thailand, where we are absolutely delighted to be able to speak to die-hard FC Bayern München fan, Rungkaew Sammavuthichai, a young lady from Bangkok.

The chirpy Rungkaew (R) has followed the German giants for 14 years (!!) and has kindly agreed to spend time with us today.

FF Titan: Tell us why did you choose  FC Bayern München over all other clubs (we know that English clubs are more popular in this region)

R: I have supported Bayern München since the World Cup 2002.  I started to follow this football club because of Oliver Kahn.  It started when I was 11 years old.  I was doing my homework and I accidentally looked up to the television at the time and saw Oliver Kahn make a perfect save for Germany.  I was so impressed that I started to follow him and watch the matches that Germany play.  After I realised that he was from Bayern München, I started to follow Bayern München and became a fan of it too.

Bayern Munich Till I Die 2

FF Titan: Who are your favourite players now?


R: My current number one favourite is Manuel Neuer.  For some reasons, I usually like goalkeepers. The second one would be Philipp Lahm.  He is such a great player.  He is not only good at playing – he has good temperament and manners.  We can hardly find a football player as polite (in the matches) as him.  I like the others too, including  Müller.


FF Titan: Who are your favourite players from the past?


R:Of course, Oliver Kahn.  Oliver Kahn is the beginning of everything about football for me.  Then I would add Michael Ballack and Bastian Schweinsteiger. They are my favourite footballers.  Actually I would like to mention Miroslav Klose and Lukas Podolski too.  Miroslav Klose is one of the legendary player and I can still remember the old days when he played alongside Lukas Podolski.  They got along together very well and it gave me a very nice feeling to see that.


FF Titan: Do you think Bayern can win the Bundesliga league title this season? What about the Champions League?

R: We will win Bundesliga for sure.  I think all Bayern München’s fans are confident about that.  For Champions League… It is hard to say.  As a fan, I always go for our FC Bayern and I hope that we can be ‘Triple Champion’ again.  The Champions League this year will be very interesting and exciting.  Well, I would say I think we have a good chance to win it!


FF Titan: Do you watch Bayern games together with your friends in Bangkok? If there are Bayern fans going to Munich, where would you suggest that they go?

R: I always watch at home with my brother and sometime my aunt.

As for Munich, I would suggest Bayern fans to go…  to Allianz Arena!  They will go there for sure.  Also, as I can remember, the Bayern München shop at München Hauptbahnhof is more interesting than at München airport.  It was 3-4 years ago anyway, things may have been changed.


FF Titan: Is there a fan club in Bangkok/Thailand? If so, how can other fans in the region contact the club?

R: Yes there are and I believe the best way to reach the clubs are through Facebook.




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