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Fantasy Football Titan is proud to present “Till I die …”, a series of interviews with passionate football fans from this part of the world.

We would catch up with these fans to try and to understand how they fell in love with their clubs. We will also try and gather the latest scoops in and around these clubs via their most ardent of fans.

We are happy to be able to speak to Liyun 利雲 (LY) of Hong Kong, a passionate Borussia Dortmund fan for 14 years. His hobby is collecting Borussia Dortmund shirts.

(The original interview was conducted in Mandarin; original transcript below)

Fantasy Football Titan (FFT):  Tell us how long you have supported your club and why did you choose to support Dortmund over i) other Bundesliga teams and ii) over other Premier Leagues which are ultra popular in this region.

LY: I chose to support Dortmund was because the club has a team strategy. There have been no star players and individualistic players in the team, yet they can play very attractive football. The other main reason for supporting Dortmund is the fact that I am touched by the loyalty of Dortmund supporters.


FFT: Let’s talk about Matt Hummels. Do you see his departure as a betrayal? After all, Dortmund has lost so many players to Bayern over the years – what is your thought?


LY: I feel that every footballer has the right to choose their own footballing career. Hummels has already given his best to Dortmund and therefore do not owe the Dortmund fans anything more. Besides, Hummels was born in Munich and has family and friends there – I do not blame him for leaving.


FFT: That is 8 new faces over the summer and over 110 million euros spent. Which new signing do you think will make the most difference?


LY: Among the new signings, I have the highest hope of Marc Bartra from Barcelona. After Hummels’ departure, there is a gap that needs to be filled in central defence. Bartra seems to be a footballer with very good positioning sense and I hope he can replace the void left by Hummels.



FFT: What is your hope for the club this season? Can Dortmund break the Bayern dominance on the domestic title? How about in the Champions League, any hopes?


LY: I feel that the team is still in a stage of rebuilding. Last season, (Thomas) Tuchel managed to lead the team back to the runners up spot in the Bundesliga from 7th position the year before. It might be too premature to think about winning the Bundesliga from Bayern Munich this season, but I feel that this is achievable in two years’ time.



FFT: Tell us more about the fan club here in Hong Kong / Asia. What are your activities and how can people get in touch?


LY: The official Hong Kong Dortmund fan club was only set up around two years ago. Along with the younger fan base of student members, it feels that we have still got a lot to learn. In contrast, the official China Dortmund fan club seems much more organised. For example, when Dortmund visited Shanghai and Shenzhen in July this year, the official China fan club was very helpful to its members and was involved in organising match day tickets and itinerary for its members. When Dortmund visited this year, we (the official Hongkong Dortmund fan club) were collaborating with both our China and Taiwanese fan club counterparts to help all our respective members fight for better benefits. We hope to continue with such collaborations and to keep in contact with our partner fan clubs in the future. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us via our facebook group.


Original transcript:


FFT: 请告诉我们你为什么会选择支持多特蒙德而不是其他的德国队伍或者 是其他的英超队伍?


利雲: 我選擇支持多蒙特原因係因為多蒙特運用團體戰術球隊, 每一個球員無個人主義,無大球星,但都可以踢出悦目足球, 另外多蒙特球迷係非常忠實,我被他們的熱情所感動。


FFT: 让我们谈一谈 Matt Hummels 对于他离队的事,你认为这是种背叛吗?此外,近几年来,慕尼黑也 从多特蒙特这挖走了很多球星,你对这件事有什么看法?

利雲: 關於多蒙特前隊長 Hummels, 每一個球員都有權選擇自己足球生涯, Hunmels 對球隊不斷付出,他已經無拖欠球會同球迷, 加上Hummels是拜仁出生,他家人同朋友在慕尼黑, 所以我無怪責他。


FFT: 多特蒙德在这个夏季花了多过一亿欧元签了8个新的球员。对与新来 的球员,你对哪个最带有希望?


利雲: 我覺得最期待係由巴塞新加盟的中堅巴查 (Marc Bartra), 因為Hummels離開令到中堅位置空缺, 但球隊亦立即收購巴查回來,巴查係一位位置感非常好的球員, 我好希望巴查可以代替Hummels。


FFT: 你对于这个季度的球赛有什么希望吗?你认为多特蒙特有望打破慕尼 黑对德国联赛的垄断吗?在冠军杯联赛上,你又有什么想法?

利雲: 我覺得多蒙特現時係磨合中, 上季杜曹用一年時間由排名第7升上聯賽第二, 如果講到多蒙特現時狀態可否打破拜仁壟斷,我只可以講, 我地總覺得無可能第二年就可以爭取到冠軍,因為球隊重建中, 不過我覺得多蒙特可以兩年內爭取到冠軍。


FFT: 可以跟我们介绍一下多特蒙德在香港或是在亚洲的球迷俱乐部吗? 你们有组织什么活动吗?如果有兴趣参与,他们可以通过什么方式来 联系你们


利雲: 香港官方球迷會只成立咗兩年左右,加上成員以年輕學生較多, 比人感覺剛起步一樣,反而中國官方球迷會就不同,一個例子, 今年7月多蒙特來上海同深圳,中國官方為球迷安排好門票同行程, 比大家感覺非常幫助球迷,今次多蒙特中國行,我們《Dortmund球會資訊及球迷分享專區》已經同中國官方、 台灣球迷會合作組織聯盟,為中國各地球迷、 台灣及香港球迷爭取更多福利,之後我們聯盟亦保持聯繫, 希望再有合作機會!


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All pictures are reproduced with permission. Additional translation / reporting by FF Hobbit.

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