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Fantasy Football Titan is proud to present “Till I die …”, a series of interviews which with football fans of Premier League teams from this part of the world.

We will catch up with these fans to try and understand how they fell in love with their clubs. We will also try and gather the latest scoops in and around these clubs via their most ardent of fans.

We are delighted to get to speak to Singapore-based Yuan Chang in the next interview of our series.


Yuan Chang (YC) has followed Blackburn Rovers for over 20 years. He became a dad recently and priorities have shifted slightly but he is kind enough to share his with us his journey with the club over the past decade or so.

FF Titan: Thanks for spending time with us today. We are keen to find out – how did you become a Blackburn Rovers fan?

YC: Back in my primary school days, we started to watch the Premier League and a lot of my classmates were glory hunters so they all supported Manchester United. I could not get myself to be one of them, so I picked Blackburn Rovers instead.

I started to support them in 1994 when the Premier League was still available on free-to-air channels and they finished second in the league. My support grew ever stronger and they won the league in the 1994/95 season (!!).

I made pilgrimage to Ewood Park in April 2012  and watched my team play twice – once against Norwich City at home and once away @ White Hart Lane against Spurs. My favourite memory was at the home game against Norwich, I was seated very close to the dugouts and my friends back in Singapore actually spotted me on TV. It was amazing.

I also did a stadium tour  at Ewood Park and the tour was conducted by a local lad. He is a life-long Blackburn Rovers fan and shared his personal memories dating back to the 70’s. He said something that resonated with me even today – the team is just a small club from Lancashire and it owes everything it has ever achieved to the one and only Jack Walker. It was very touching to hear these things.

FF Titan: Describe to us how the previous season went for your club 

YC: Another forgettable season, just like the one before that and the one before that one.

FF Titan: Tell us 2-3 players who stood out and did very well for your club last season.

YC: To be honest, I have not been able to see any many Blackburn Rovers games here in Singapore because they are in the Championship. A lot of what I know now is from what I read. From what I know, Grant Hanley is as reliable as ever and with the club in dire financial situation, his loyalty to the club is respectable. It is sad to see him go but it was somewhat expected.

FF Titan: So, who you will like to see the club sign next season?

YC: Anyone who is willing to come on a free signing and play with passion for Rovers.

FFT Titan: Do you think Owen Coyle is the right choice for your club this coming season?

YC:  Of course not. No Blackburn fan would want a former Burnley and Bolton Wanderers manager to be OUR manager. Looking at how we have started the season against Norwich, it appears he is a bad bad choice!

FF Titan: Finally, any predictions for the next season?

YC: Hopefully we do not get relegated to League One.


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