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It saddens me to write this as a Liverpool fan but the Manchester United DGW gave me a fairly decent week in fantasy returns. The results of GW34 brings together some interesting scenarios; Middlesbrough win over Sunderland gives them a glimmer of hope in the relegation dog-fight and Arsenal’s win over Leicester, coupled with the draw in Manchester derby, gave the Gunners refreshed hope of making the top 4. Tough choices will have to be made in GW35, especially with injuries and rotation piling up.

Southampton vs Hull

Stoke vs West Ham

Sunderland vs Bournemouth

West Brom vs Leiceste

Palace vs Burnley

Man United vs Swansea

Everton vs Chelsea

Middlesbrough vs Man City

Tottenham vs Arsenal

Watford vs Liverpool


Stay Away From


Man United vs Swansea

On paper this looks like a cake walk for the Red Devils, having not lost in the league since October 2016 at the hands of Chelsea. But bear in mind that they are coming off the back of a DGW, and will be playing their 3rd game in 7 days. Meanwhile, Swansea are fighting for their survival and every point counts. It will be difficult to pick the starters for Manchester United, and even harder to say if they will play the entire 90 minutes. de Gea is probably the safest bet if you want a Manchester United player on your rooster.


Tottenham vs Arsenal

Spurs have won 8 league games on the trot and are sitting securely in 2nd place, with a fighting chance of catching Chelsea. Arsenal have won 3 of their last 4 league games and are within sight of that elusive 4th spot. The London rivalry has traditionally been intense but with so much to play for, it will be too tough to call. Definitely avoid defenders from both teams, but the forwards could be worth a gamble if you think it will be a high scoring game.



Take Note


Middlesbrough vs Man City

Manchester City has a relatively easy run of games till the end of the season in what could be the start of a winning streak for them to consolidate their position above the red half of Manchester. The victim unfortunately is Middlesbrough, whom might feel that their recent win over Sunderland will invigorate them, but with 3 out of 4 remaining games against teams in the top 6, the win just postpones the inevitable.




  1. Hennessey, Wayne (CRY) – Playing at home against a Burnley side that doesn’t score that often away, chance of a clean sheet should be good.
  2. Caballero, Willy (MCI) – An alternative pick since he should be starting as Bravo is injured and surely he can’t be as bad as Bravo?



  1. Alonso, Marcus (CHE) – Should be on everyone’s squad this week.
  2. Kompany, Vincent (MCI) – The man seems to be back to his best after an injury riddled season.
  3. Otamendi, Nicolas (MCI) – An alternative to consider if you don’t like Kompany but want to get on the MCI boat.
  4. McAuley, Gareth (WBA) – Chance of a clean sheet playing at home against Leicester.
  5. Valencia, Antonio (MUN) – If he starts the game, will be the player to have as he will chalk up both defensive and offensive points.



  1. De Bruyne, Kevin (MCI) – Had a decent game against MUN, and I suspect is due a goal soon.
  2. Hazard, Eden (CHE) – Top scoring fantasy player currently, drop him at your own peril.
  3. Coutinho, Philippe (MCI) – The only LIV player worth considering if you think the reds can stop their slump against teams outside of the top 6.
  4. Townsend, Andros (CRY) – He has been steadily returning double digits points for the past few games. That streak should continue with a game against BRN.
  5. Tadic, Dusan (SOU) – Not the fantasy monster that he used to be, but up against a HUL side that has conceded 15 goals in their last 5 away games.



  1. Aguero, Sergio (MCI) – Up until MUN, he has scored in 5 consecutive games. Should pick it up again easily MID.
  2. Benteke, Christian (CRY) – Man of the match against LIV, can he keep that streak going?
  3. Kane, Harry (TOT) – Worth a gamble if you think the London derby will be a high scoring one.



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