Things you know to be true if your S.O. is a Football Junkie

Life in the our times is difficult as it is. What makes it more difficult than it is is when your S.O. is a TOTAL football junkie.

1. The weekend is planned around match kick-off times, regardless of whether their team is playing.


2. Alarm rings randomly in the middle of the night so your S.O. can wake up to catch the game.


3. The only shop your S.O. will EVER walk into willingly is the one selling football shirts (even though the ONLY thing your S.O. ever wears IS A football shirt)


4. You try your best to act interested when they talk about match line-ups in the hours leading to kick-off. ALL. THE. TIME.



5. A conversation with their like-minded friends leaves you extremely bored because it never ends.



6. Your S.O. takes the day after a big game off to mourn a defeat.



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