Fantasy Premier League | FPL GW 34

April 21, 2017 FF Titan 0

5 game weeks left and this is the first of 3 double game weeks coming up (GW36 and GW37 being the other 2). Manchester United (@ Burnley, @ Man City), Crystal Palace (@ Liverpool, Spurs) and Middlesbrough (@ Bournemouth, Sunderland) all have 2 games this week. So when managers plan their transfers this week, the question to ask would be whether the player with 2 games (possibly taking a -4 point hit) can outscore the player with 1 game. In addition, picking Manchester United players could prove to be more worthwhile as they have 2 games in GW 37.

Here’s our recommendation for Gameweek 34, with #DG highlighting players with 2 games.

Fantasy Premier League | FPL GW26

February 22, 2017 FF Titan 0

There are no games this week for Manchester United, Southamption, Manchester City and Arsenal. In addition, following last weekend FA Cup, there are only 8 confirmed teams that will play in Gameweek 28. The Manchester City game vs Stoke is dependant on whether Manchester City can progress to the FA Cup quarter finals. Managers should keep these in mind when choosing their transfers. For this game week, we fancy players from Chelsea, Tottenham, Everton and West Brom.

Here’s our recommendation for Gameweek 26.