League SX Fantasy League | LSX – WK16 Picks

24th November 2016 FF Fly 0

In Fantasy Football, there is a cohort of players that are expected to do well week in week out. The Messis, the Ronaldos and the Suarezs are expected to deliver the goods and when it’s a surprise when they don’t score. This week we look at the players who either aren’t heard of previously or aren’t expected to do so but have exceeded all expectations. We will look at 6 surprise packages of League SX Classic so far.

League SX Fantasy League | LSX – WK 13 Picks

3rd November 2016 FF Fly 0

WK13 is one week before the final international weekend of 2016! It’s straight out, one game per team this weekend so there is a need to focus on the fixtures and pick players from the big teams that are likely to win big.