Togga Perfect XI | PXI – GW16 picks

13th December 2016 FF Red Devil 0

Fixtures are starting to pile up for the festive period and managers might start to do some rotation to keep players fresh. In these midweek fixtures, we expect Chelsea to continue to steam ahead and Man City and Spurs to bounce back in style after defeats over the weekend.

Till I Die … Genoa CFC

26th October 2016 FF Fly 0

Our coverage of Serie A fans in Asia continues this week, as we speak to Singapore-based Sandro Ravera (SR), a Genoa CFC fan. He has lived in Singapore for seven years and after work for two different wellness center, he now owns a company of his own – Spiritus. His company provides personal training and pilates. He is also a goalkeeping coach in a local football academy!

Till I Die – SS Lazio

13th September 2016 FF Fly 0

Our “Till I Die ..” series have gathered pace as we are now reaching out to even more fans based out here in Asia. In this next edition, we feature Singapore-based Nigel Gan who is a big fan of Italian side SS Lazio. He has even written and published a book about his pilgrimage to watch his club and it can be found on Amazon.

Till I Die …. Juventus

6th September 2016 FF Fly 0

Our “Till I die …” series of interviews are proving very popular as we reach out to many fans across Asia. We are pleasantly surprised by the responses we have managed to receive as passionate fans reply to our requests and readily share their experiences with us. This week, we are honoured to have Michael Pedregosa with us, talking about his true love, Juventus.

Togga Perfect XI | PXI – GW3 picks

25th August 2016 FF Red Devil 0

By GW3, you can tell the contenders from the also-runs and the relegation candidates. Two quality Game Weeks makes you a Manchester United / City while two bad ones make you Sunderland. Noting the differential picks from the game’s official blog, we have come up with our own and realised.. we are by far the conservative one.

What Fantasy Football game should I play?

13th August 2016 FF Hobbit 0

Having recently announced that the Fantasy Football Titan will be covering the following 3 Fantasy football games (Fantasy Premier League, Togga, LeagueSX) this coming season, we are now only just a few days away from the season kicking off. If you are still wondering what the fuss is about, where have you been all summer? Fret not, the Fantasy Football Titan is here to help you dissect the differences between the 3 fantasy games that we will be providing our expert opinions on in order for you to find the game that fits your preferences. Alternatively, you can do what we do and get yourself involved in all 3 games!