Recap of Game Week 5

The big decision going into Gameweek 5 was which Liverpool and Man City assets to captain. Mane – 11.6m (15 points) won this battle, followed by Salah – 12.5m (9 points), Aguero – 12.1m (6 points) and the disappointing Sterling – 12.3m (2 points) and De Bruyne – 9.8m (1 point). Will Pep rest De Bruyne again? Nobody knows and can second guess the manager who has won back to back titles. Son – 9.5m will no doubt tempt managers into thinking if they should change Sterling or De Bruyne to him. My view is that managers should stay faithful to their current players for a couple of weeks more, and see how European competitions will affect league selections.



Another situation we know by now is that clean sheets are getting increasingly difficult to get. No club have more than 3 clean sheets and there are some surprising names from the clubs who have 2 clean sheets (Aston Villa, Crystal Palace, Everton, Manchester City, Manchester United, Southampton, West Ham).


At the other end, 8 players have scored more than 4 goals in the first 5 games (Aguero – 12.1m – 7 goals, Abraham – 7.3m – 7 goals, Pukki – 7.1m – 6 goals, Aubameyang – 11.0m – 5 goals, Salah -12.5m – 4 goals, Mane – 11.6m 4 goals, Barnes 6.7m – 4 goals).


One player who deserved a mention is Callum Wilson – 7.8m, who has delivered attacking returns in all 5 games with a total of 3 goals and 3 assists.


So 5 game weeks down, 33 game weeks to go. What is for sure it is still a long season ahead with many twists and turns to follow.



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