Why we are playing League SX

Let’s face it – in the world of Fantasy Premier League, the official game from the Premier League is beating every other competitor hands down. With over 5 million users, it is the platform that is dominating social media and sprouting numerous blog sites.

It is, however, not the only platform out there. New start-up League SX is one such new kid on the block. Besides spending copious amount of time trying to perfect our FPL squad, we are also hooked to League SX and here are some reasons why:


Picking numerous teams


In the traditional FPL game, there is only one option to play a single team. With limited transfers, you are stuck with the same squad of players for a while until you can use a Wildcard or Free Hit chip. With League SX, you can literally pick a squad of eleven players per game. Their format differs that from FPL as you play a squad per match.

In this format, it means that even if you have performed badly in one match, you can still do well in others – unlike a poor FPL week when you literally lose all the eggs in this basket.

Playing other European Leagues / Champions League

With FPL, as the name suggests, only Premier League matches are involved. League SX provides a platform where you can play fantasy in a variety of other European Leagues. Lionel Messi is a dream for all Fantasy managers but there is no way he will ever play in the Premier League. In League SX, you can select Messi (at a hefty price of course) in La Liga or Barcelona-specific matches.

This season, even Champions League and Cup games can be played. FPL focuses on the 38 Premier League games in the season but League SX provides so many games more that you can have a new squad to pick every day unlike just pre-weekend fix on FPL.

Exciting and easy prizes to be won


There are very good prizes, to be won in FPL but only limited to 3 across the platform of around 5 million players. Fantasy Football is not a game of luck but the chances to landing those top three prizes are simply not high.

Besides prizes in every game and every week LeagueSX is hosting 9 grand tournament’s to win an all expense paid trip to the home stadium of your favourite club.

For less prestigious prizes, join now the Fantasy Football Titan mini league at LeagueSX to win exclusive prizes this game week of Premier League.

Less commitment


Let’s get real. A season long slog, checking your squads, choosing a captain and fretting over every single game every week is not something for everyone. For a lot of people yes, but simply not everyone.

The League SX week-by-week format takes the commitment and stress element away from playing Fantasy Football. If exams are round the corner, it is ok to take a month break in League SX and come back as strong as ever. In FPL, this is hardly possible, given the need to consistently choose a first XI weekly and make transfers.

Featured Supporters Club & Groups

Currently 100+ supporters club have collaborated with LeagueSX as an exclusive fantasy partner. Join now, find your club and play along with your fellow fans of your favourite football club.  Featured football fan clubs and groups are a strong feature in League SX that’s not available in FPL. Sure, if FPL you can sign your team up to one of the twenty clubs but there is no avenue to communicate thereafter, no banter with strangers, no exchanges of tips and picks.

In the League SX featured fan club sections, you can pick and choose to join up to several fan clubs across different locations. The Social Media-enabled groups make it easy to interact and make new friends!




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