Our Partners

In this section, we showcase some of the partners that we have been collaborating with.

Cromiership Fantasy Premier League


These team of bloggers from Zagreb are knowledgeable, interactive and absolutely the best in the field! We will be partaking in a series of challenges with them over the course of the season!

Eleven Sports Network


Eleven Sports Network is a global sports network dedicated to delivering world-class international and domestic sports and lifestyle entertainment. We are proud to be an official content provider to the Eleven Sports English Premier League Preview Show.

FC Insider

FC Insider

Our partner website FC Insider is one of the first website to write exclusively about the latest transfers and news in the Chinese Super League. With the Chinese clubs starting to flex their muscles in the global transfer market and more renowned players heading east, check out their website to find out more about the latest happenings there!



LeagueSX is a brand new platform to play fantasy football. We are proud to be the official content partners for this fantasy football platform.



Our partner Starplayer is a Singapore based company established by a group of passionate football fans and their aim is to produce high quality hand painted football figures. Check out their facebook page to find out more about the football figures that they are producing!



Our partner Togga is an American based company which provides a draft style fantasy football league game. We are proud to be the official content partners for this fantasy football platform.