The Lowest Budget FPL Squad You Can Assemble and Not Embarass Yourself

With the last few weeks of FPL not throwing out plenty of surprises and with both Manchester squads starting the season firing on all cylinders, it seems like everyone’s choices in their FPL squad is to try to go cheap in order to accommodate as many players from those teams as possible. This week, we try to do something different and showcase a full FPL squad that you can assemble on the lowest available budget but that can still allow you to potentially compete with others. Is that even possible? read on to find out more.


  1. Fabianski, Lukasz (SWA, 4.5m) – With a porous defence last year, Swansea has started the new season really well and Fabianski is currently the top point scoring goalkeeper in FPL with 3 cleansheets so far.
  2. Elliot, Rob (NEW, 4.1m) – Off the back of 3 consecutive wins with 2 clean sheets in between, Benitez’s Newcastle has also started the season well defensively.

With Fabianski and Elliot, the good news is that Newcastle and Swansea are both not playing away from home until late October, which means in the next few weeks, there will be at least 1 gk to choose from that will be playing at home.


  1. Lascelles, Jamaal (NEW, 4.6m) – Along with the 2 clean sheets, the Toon Army captain has already weighed in with 2 goals so far. He’s a must-have at his price.
  2. Lowe, Chris (HUD, 4.5m) – 3 clean sheets in the first 5 games and only 1 game conceded so far, the Premier League new boys are starting the season on a blinder so between Lowe, Zanka and Schindler, they are all strong candidates to be picked for the defence.
  3. Ward, Stephen (BUR, 4.5m) – A toss up between one of the 4 back fours in the Burnley defence, Ward seems to be in a strong position along with Lowton and he has already scored once so far this season. Whilst the Clarets have only kept one clean sheet so far this season, we think that they should be able to continue on with a decent home form for the rest of the season.
  4. Mbemba, Chancel (NEW, 4.0m) – He has already been featured previously as the lowest FPL priced player that is likely to start on a frequent basis given the injuries to the Newcastle defence, so with Newcastle doing decently well, it’s perhaps not surprising that we have him here in our squad as well.
  5. Naughton, Kyle (SWA, 4.5m) – With a settled back four, both Naughton and Fabrice Fernandez are of the same price but Naughton has the added advantage of being able to venture up front more frequently and he has already weighed in with an assist so far.

As we have mentioned previously, Swansea and Newcastle play opposite sides from each other for the next couple of weeks and Burnley is on the same side of Swansea whilst Huddersfield plays on the same side as Newcastle for the next couple of weeks, so this selection of players gives a good balance between home teams and away teams at least for the next couple of weeks.


  1. Gross, Pascal (BHA, 5.6m) – This unknown player from the Bundesliga actually was the top creator for Inglostadt last season. He has been involved in every goal scored by Brighton so far and provides great value.
  2. Doucoure, Abdoulaye (WAT, 5.2m) – Last season it was Capoue that was the fantasy players’ pick, but this season Doucoure has been excellent so far with 2 goals in his first 5 games.
  3. Brady, Robbie (BUR, 5.5m) – With a deft left foot and being responsible for free kicks, he has already provided 2 assists and is a good candidate to also score some this season.
  4. Ritchie, Matt (NEW, 6.0m) – The most expensive midfielder that we are picking given that there are cheaper alternatives out there, but with 4 assists so far, it’s impossible not to take him.
  5. Mooy, Aaron (HUD, 5.7m) – Mooy has already provided 1 assist and 1 goal so far and as he’s on set pieces and penalties, he’s always going to be in a good position to add on to that tally.


  1. Hernandez, Javier (WHU, 7.0m) – He has had a good scoring record in all the places he has been to so far and the poacher has already 2 goals so far despite the Hammers drab start to the season. If they turn around like season like last season, then we will expect Chicharito to have a big influence in their goal tally.
  2. Wood, Chris (BUR, 6.5m) – Burnley’s record signing announced his return to the Premier League in style by scoring in his first 2 games. With Sean Dyche seemingly very comfortable with his starting 11, he has plenty of playing time to add to that tally and is still very undervalued at his current price.
  3. Rooney, Wayne (EVE, 7.5m) – He has marked his return to Merseyside with style by scoring in his first 2 league games and despite the subsequent 3 consecutive losses, Rooney is at least getting the game time and the trust from Koeman to play in a more advanced role than he was with Man United. We think that he has not lost his touch and should be able to weigh in with at least 10 goals by the end of this season, so he’s definitely worth a pick.


If we sum up the squad, this budget squad will cost you a total of only 79.7m, leaving a healthy 20.3m in your account. Similarly, if we hypothetically calculate the accumulated points of this squad for the first 5 weeks so far (starting with a 3-5-2 formation for the first 2 weeks and reverting to a normal 3-4-3 formation thereafter), then this squad should have given you a total of 313 points thus far, which would still have made you to be within the top 40,000 players globally. What do you think of this squad?



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