FPL: How to use your remaining FPL chips

Fantasy Premier League | Using your remaining Chips


The season is coming to an end soon and we are into the final laps of the long race. 9 more Game Weeks remain and many fantasy managers are racking their brains either trying to stave off their closest rivals or catching up to the league leader. We hope that you still have some of your Chips left as they are your best weapons against your closest mates. This week, we look at the best ways to make use of these Chips in the coming GWs.



Fixture Rescheduling


Many fantasy managers may already know this but some might still be in the dark. GW31 only features 4 games and 8 teams in the PL as the rest are involved in a round of the FA cup.

These are the games that are scheduled to go ahead:

  • Liverpool vs Watford
  • Stoke vs Everton
  • Bournemouth vs West Brom
  • Huddersfield vs Crystal Palace

At the time of writing, we also know that Liverpool & Man City are already in the QFs of the Champions League. Man Utd and Chelsea have their ties hanging in the balance while Spurs have crashed out. Arsenal is also in the next round of the Europa League competition. For those who qualify, they will definitely have to negotiate the midweek games between GW32/33/34, thus there won’t be a double GW for GW32 & 33. For those who manage to go further in their respective competitions, they won’t have a double GW in GW35 & 36. The FA cup SFs is scheduled for 21 Apr, which will affect GW35.

As of now, the fixtures that will definitely go ahead are those stated below:

  • Everton vs Newcastle
  • Stoke vs Burnley
  • Watford vs Crystal Palace
  • West Brom vs Liverpool
  • Arsenal vs West Ham


Depending on the sides that go through, a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 fixtures will be affected.



Free Hit


GW31 will be the best time to use your FH chip as you will want to have a squad full of players from the 8 teams that are still playing, but also for your squad to revert back to your original one for GW32.

This is our recommended squad:

  • Begovic
  • Hennessey
  • van Aanholt
  • Schindler
  • Zouma
  • Pieters
  • Ake
  • Mane
  • Mooy
  • Salah (Captain)
  • Shaqiri
  • Milivojevic
  • Firmino (Vice-Captain)
  • King
  • Mounie


Triple Captain

As of now, the rescheduled fixtures from GW31 have no fixed date yet. Nevertheless, we know that the likes of Spurs, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal & Man Utd will have double GWs.

As such, it’s wise to keep your Triple Captain for that week and use them on the likes of Kane, Aguero, Hazard, Aubameyang, Lukaku, Sanchez etc. Who to pick will depend on the upcoming fixtures but Aguero will most likely be a rotation risk as City will likely have wrapped the title by then and Jesus is fit again.



If you have not used your Wildcard by now, I would advise that you use it as soon as possible, or one GW before the next scheduled double GW. Our advice to use it as soon as possible is because it is still not known when the double GW will be. If you wait till then to use it, it might be too late to help you catch up on your rivals. On top of that, some of the better players to pick might have nothing to play for by then. You can refer to our previous article on the players to swap for if you plan to overhaul your squad right now. Our advice to use the WC one GW before the double GW stems from the fact that we want you to overhaul your squad to bring in those players that can help you the most in the double GW. It’s best to use the Triple Captain Chip or the Bench Boost Chip during the double GW. As you cannot use 2 Chips in one GW, you have to use your WC the week before the double GW and bring in those players one week early. But the WC is best combined with the Bench Boost Chip as you need to bring in many players who are playing 2 games while the Triple Captain Chip is used on just one player.


Bench Boost

The same strategy applies for the Bench Boost Chip. Use it during the double GW. There will likely be 2 GWs with double games for some teams. Our advice is for you to use the Bench Boost Chip in the week with more teams playing 2 games and use the Triple Captain Chip in the GW with lesser teams playing 2 games. This is because you need to have more players to choose from for your Bench Boost Chip as you cannot have more than 3 players from the same team in your squad. On the other hand, you only need to choose one good captain for your Triple Captain Chip.


Feel free to post your comments below or challenge us. You can send in your squad and ask for feedback. We would even welcome anyone who thinks they are good enough to challenge us.


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